Monday, December 21, 2015

Ralph Lauren Inspired

"How do you decide which pieces to put together?"

The process of getting dressed in unrelated comfortable separates (the way I normally dress) can be a little tricky. 

On Sunday, we were going to visit friends and then for sushi. I started with these Ralph Lauren boots which I found at T.J.Maxx a couple of years ago. Next I chose jeans that would just cover the top of them without bunching. These are ankle jeans from Chico's.

The length of your pants is a totally individual choice. There is no "proper" length for women these days. 

Thinking of those classic Ralph Lauren looks you see in his fabulous ads, I next chose a garnet turtleneck from Fabrizio Gianni. I topped it off with a large very soft gauzy faded blue and black design scarf from The Paris Apartment Boutique and a faux suede blazer from Chico's. 

It helps to have an inspiration picture in your mind (if not in your hand) of the finished look as you start getting dressed. Following this tip means it takes less time to get dressed because someone else has already worked out the details. You can then use the idea to pull similar pieces from your wardrobe and off you go looking great!

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Yvonne said...

Great look!
I've noticed lately that you are wearing some softer, warmer, low contrast colours and was wondering if you are re-assessing the colours that suit you?
Perhaps a blog on "colour analysis" might be an interesting future topic.

Susan said...

Hi Yvonne, I am just playing around with the neutrals I have on hand. Some are a bit warmer than others, but I am still strongly in the cool skin tone corner. Warm soft colors wash me out.

christy said...

You look fabulous as always. Great tips. Thank you.

On another note if you ever wondered if you were making a difference in people's lives then you need to look no further than Margaret Osmond Woods. What a great lady. Truly inspirational.

Unknown said...

Just lovely (as always)
I think I just got my inspiration for what to wear to the casual holiday luncheon for the Man of the House's office this week. Thank you!

Elaine @ Following Augustine said...

You look great! I know this is an outfit I would feel very comfortable wearing.