Thursday, December 10, 2015

Casual Look With Flats

Proportion is always important. I am five feet six and a half inches tall but if I wore this sweater with a fuller leg pant and flat loafers, I would look much shorter and wider.

The slim fitting denim jeggings from Chico's balance out the loose fitting Foxcroft tunic sweater. These very comfortable flat shoes are by Rockport. 

Wearing a cuff on top of your sweater sleeve is a fun way to add an unexpected touch.

This cuff is very similar to the one I found at Chico's years ago. I wore that one so often it was starting to look quite battered so I had these made for my company. 
Now we can all have one! 
You can find them on my website here. 

This was a casual day of working at home so I dressed for comfort and ease.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Unknown said...

Nice comfortable look. But you still manage to look pulled together Susan. I like that.

Judy said...

Hi Susan, I always enjoy your blog and your outlook on life. I was happy to see that you sell the silver cuff as I have been looking for one for a while....I just placed my order and can't wait to receive it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, I am totally inspired by you. I no longer dress frumpy and found it easier to love myself enough to care what I look like!

I too just ordered your silver cuff! I love hammered metals!

Nancy said...

I have a question about the cuff, Susan. I would love to order one, but doesn't silver plate lose its lustre/change color after a while?

Susan said...

The cuff may indeed change after some time, but it is only $15. The original $45 one I bought also lost some of its luster after wearing it for a while. Keep it dry and don't get lotion on it to make the finish last longer. You can also lightly spray lacquer on the back of costume jewelry to make the finishes last longer.