Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Happy Anniversary!

It has been two years since Pauline Durban, the President of Covered Perfectly contacted me to ask if I would like to style one of the tops from her newly launched collection.

As soon as I opened the package I was in love! The fabric is so soft and supple. The first item I tried was the Simple Comfort. It wasn't long before I was placing orders for more of the fabulous tops. They are perfect to wear alone or under jackets and those long dusters I favor. 

In honor of her company's two-year anniversary, I wanted to share a bit more information about my friend Pauline with you, so she agreed to an interview.

S. Do you have a background in the fashion industry?
P. I don’t, my background is in business. I spent many years in newspaper advertising working my way up through the ranks.

S. What inspired you to start Covered Perfectly
P. Sheer frustration… I just didn't feel comfortable in any of my clothes. As I have gotten older, I needed clothes to cover parts of me that I didn't want to reveal. I tried shopping, but it was difficult to find what I was looking for. Hence, Covered Perfectly was born. I wear them every day, even when it’s 100 degrees here in southern California.

S. What advice would you offer to women wishing to start their own business? 
P. Do your research. I made a lot of expensive mistakes in the beginning that could have been avoided.

S. How do you decide what body styles to add to the line?   
P. I try to go with flattering designs. You don’t have to look frumpy just because you want to cover up. I design most of them on what I like personally, plus, I have pretty vocal customers. That’s why we added the Simple V, personally I didn't wear V-necks until this one. Now I love it.

S. The sheer Cascading Vests are fabulous. Will you be adding brighter jewel tone colors? 
P. Finding good quality chiffon made in the US has presented a challenge. As soon as I find more fabric I will be adding them.

S. Tell us more about that special MicroModal fabric you use. 
P. When I was searching for fabric, I knew I wanted it to be super-soft. As we get older our skin seems to get dryer so having a soft fabric against your skin is important. I also wanted something that was going to be able to last, which this does. I even had someone post on Facebook compared to other brands her Covered Perfectly tops have kept their color.

S. As a breast cancer survivor what important information would you like to share with all women? 
P. Self-examination is vital. That’s how I found my lump. If something doesn't feel right get it checked…never, never ignore it!

In a market flooded with fashion choices, it is truly commendable that Covered Perfectly continues to grow and thrive. That growth is a testament to the excellent quality and wonderful customer service! The choice to use materials that are woven and dyed here in the USA and then manufacture the finished products here in the USA is almost unheard of this industry. 

I am impressed with all aspects of the Covered Perfectly line. It was an honor to be flown out to Los Angeles recently to model for the spring line. I enjoyed visiting the production facilities and the warehouse. It is a truly impressive company and I am proud to call Pauline Durban my friend. 

We wish you many more years of good health and success!

You can win a Covered Perfectly top of your choice! 
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The winner will be announced on May 16th.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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