Thursday, May 28, 2015

Champagne Brunch

A champagne brunch is the perfectly timed meal for us while on a weekend getaway.

Wearing layers always feels more comfortable to me. In warm weather, I enjoy wearing light flowing sheer sweaters and dusters over white pants and a tank. 

This long duster from Chico's is one I have worn before on the blog. Some of you asked about the back panel last time. You can see here with the white pants and tank that it is a panel of navy blue lace.

I always tell you the source of what I am wearing, but it may not be from the current season's stock. I have built a wardrobe to last me for years, so I will only be adding a few new items each year. I like to think I am leading by example. I hope to inspire you to shop with a plan and then to put together outfits from your own closet.

The shoes are by Sam Edelman.

The rings are old. The cuff and necklace are from Chico's and all of my clothes are as well.

I appreciate that Mr. Mickey always looks so dapper when we go out. These are his choices. I do not help him with his wardrobe.

Photos were taken while on holiday at The Martha Washington Inn.

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