Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wear It Wednesday, Get Dressed

On a recent weekend getaway, we stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel as we normally do when we go to Knoxville.

This is a really lovely and rather pricey hotel with a very professional staff. The rooms and public spaces are decorated very nicely.

On Sunday morning we dressed to go down to the hotel restaurant to have tea and enjoy the breakfast buffet which includes a large variety of fresh fruits.

When we walked in, the host asked if we were going to church. A bit puzzled, we said no, just to breakfast. As I looked around the packed restaurant there was at least one person at each table wearing a ball cap... while eating. We quickly realized that some people were still in pajama bottoms with a sweat shirt thrown on for a top. One woman didn't even have on shoes, just dirty white socks! 

Men walked in before their female partners and just sat down whether she was seated or not. What happened to manners and getting dressed before going out in public? I am sad to see that people don't seem to know or care that you should get dressed in actual clothes before going out in public especially if you are going out to eat in a nice restaurant. 

You may say that it is more important to be comfortable in your jeans and tee. Keep in mind that is what I am wearing here... jeans and a tee.

The dark rinse jeggings are from Chico's. I wore them with a black long sleeve tee from Kohl's. The vintage St. John Country jacket was given to me by my dear friend Mitzi. The calf hair d'Orsay animal print shoes are by Sam Edelman via Nordstrom.

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Cathryn said...

Your remarks about dressing for even a hotel breakfast buffet could have been written by me! I agree completely. On a side note, your shoes are incredible.

Lady of Style said...

I can totally relate to what you have said and agree, Susan! How disrespectful to other guests. I find that attitude and lack of manners so disappointing.

You prove that even jeans can look so stylish and appropriate. Wonderful as always, Susan!

Have a wonderful holiday tomorrow!
Best wishes from Germany,
Annette | Lady of Style

Sweet Sue said...

What pretty feet you have.

Happyatlast said...

I'm old enough to remember when we dressed up for airline travel...that said, it still isn't really anymore difficult to put on nice casual pants with a knit top and decent flats if heels aren't your "thing" than it is to slouch around in public in pajamas or sweat pants/spandex bicycle attire. I, too, feel like it's a matter of lack of respect - not just for others but for oneself as well. We as women especially need to realize that we are going to be judged upon our appearance and treated accordingly. And as for the guys in the ball caps, well, women have always set the standards - we need to teach our sons better and perhaps tolerate less of this with any partners. Manners still matter. Thank you for the post!

itztru said...

Just a thought...perhaps it is time for both sides to raise the bar? I would have no problem with "proper dress required" standards. If someone can't or doesn't want to oblige, there's always "room service".

Hoosier04 said...

I agree completely. It's not that difficult to put on proper clothing. Makes you feel better, too. I see young women all the time shopping in pajama bottoms. Disgusting!

Joanne said...

I have never stayed at a hotel such as this one. I was shocked to read guests at the hotel would dress like that. However, I am equally appalled when guests at a Homewood Suits or Best Western dress or any restaraunt this way as well. It irritates me to see people eating with ball caps on, entering a building with their ball caps on, going out in public in their PJ'S and slippers let alone just socks. People have no pride, no manors, 'no fechins up!' I agree, it takes no more time to put on a nice pair of jeans and a nice tee as it does to look like your going tailgating. And I also love your shoes!

LANA said...

We stayed at Hilton Homewood Suites last year and I was shocked to see the number of people sitting around in the dining room eating in their pajamas! Seems society in general is becoming more sloppy and careless. I would not ever think of doing that, pajamas are for at home. Keep setting the better example!

Kathryn Bechen said...

I couldn't agree more about dressing nicely and having good grooming when you go out in public. My husband and I strive to look nice whenever we leave the house and are both committed to doing so. Forever. We had a similar experience to you not long ago that was horrifying how this Mother dressed, and ate, in front of her (very loud) kids in an upscale restaurant in a very lovely neighborhood. Keep up the good fashion posts Susan! LOVE your shoes!

Unknown said...

Get dressed, indeed! I don't always take the time to "do it up" to look my best but clean, well-fitting jeans and a t-shirt are a bare minimum to go out in public. They are comfortable, don't take long, and don't cost a lot. Having a couple of nice blazers, sweaters, or jackets pull things together even more and adding a scarf and accessories make it look like you have an "outfit."

I would not venture out in sweats or pajamas unless the house was on fire! It may not be fair strictly speaking, but others make assumptions about you, judge you, and determine how to treat you based on your appearance. Some of this is based on a variety of personal prejudices that you cannot impact but much of it has to do with having the appearance of care and self-respect.

I'm perhaps old-fashioned but I think our culture could stand to do better than this. For the record, I'm well under 50 too.

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

You are a prime example that you can look amazing in jeans and a t-shirt! I've seen this happen at the continental breakfast hotels but not in the restaurants. However, I'm to the point that I rarely go to Walmart anymore because of the condition of how people dress and act. It's like everyone has lost their self respect. What upsets me the most is the lack of gentlemen manners. We are trying to raise our boys with these manners but the girls they date don't have the respect for themselves to expect it from the boys. How sad, indeed.

Joanne said...

You are so correct! We never get a second chance to make a first impression. I never thought of it like this, but every time you set foot out the door it is like heading out for an interview. People judge you and form an opinion within seconds. Make it a good one.