Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fabrizio Gianni Trench Coat

I've been wanting a trench coat for years.

The typical tan color trench coat is certainly not the right color for me so I tried on red but that was limiting and memorable. A black trench turned to be the right choice for me.

This Kelly Trench Coat was recently sent to me by Fabrizio Gianni
It is on sale right now at their site.
I love that this clothing is made in the USA!

Mr. Mickey recently attended a meeting in nearby Knoxville, so we decided to make plans for a long weekend getaway.

The temperatures were mild but the sky was overcast and it rained for much of our time away. That doesn't stop us from exploring and enjoying the architecture.

The rainy weather gave me the perfect opportunity to wear my new trench coat!

We enjoy looking at the buildings in the old part of cities and if any interesting shops or restaurants are open we will often stop in for a visit.

Not very many places were open on this Sunday morning but the facades were unique and the windows were decked out for the holidays.

One of my favorite rainy day things to do is to drive through older neighborhoods to admire fabulous homes surrounded by beautiful lawns. (Now that I no longer have to maintain one of those lovely lawns I can admire them happily from a distance.) 

When we left my home earlier on Saturday morning it was much colder so I wore the trench coat with my suede and reptile boots. When the fall weather is mild I enjoy wearing my cut-out and lace up booties but when it is freezing I go for the closed toe versions with warm socks.

Did I tell you Mr. Mickey went shopping again? 
This is his newest baby. 
Isn't she a beauty?

This fabulous weekend tote was also sent to me by Fabrizio Gianni.

Before I started showing you my recent gifts from Fabrizio Gianni I wasn't aware of this company. Now that I have some of their products I must tell you the quality is superb. I am a big fan of this company and have already placed an order for a jacket from them.

This post is sponsored by Fabrizio Gianni.

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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