Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wear It Wednesday - Textures

You already know that leather is a big fashion statement this fall.

Have you seen people wearing three or more leather items at once? Too many leather pieces at once can come off as very harsh for most of us. Especially if those items are black.

Combining lighter and darker pieces in suede, leather, fur, or animal print calf-hair is a much more flattering look for most people.

For example, a long cozy sweater with leather leggings would look great, but the same leggings with a leather jacket would be too harsh. Mix up the textures for a more interesting and wearable look.


Donna said...

Good points on wearing leather! I would definitely wear the second outfit. The colors suit my coloring and it has the right amount of sass and chic. Question: do the leather pants you wore recently in a post have the ponte fabric on the back?

Susan said...

Donna, the leather look pants I wore recently are just waxed jeans. I do have a ponte back "leather" pair of leggings that I haven't worn yet. Stay tuned! :)

RoseAG said...

I'm not a leather person. It's heavy and not rainproof.
However I think the advice about black is spot-on.

I just watched a video of 72 questions for Anna Wintour -Vogue editor- and she answered several of the questions, "I'm not a fan of head-to-toe black." Living in New York she probably feels like she has to say it several time. She only had to say it once to me because I'm not a fan either.

The colors in the second outfit are up my alley.