Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wear It Wednesday - Attitude is Everything

Do you realize the huge impact your attitude has on your life?

Attitude is more important than looks, youth, wealth, success or power. You can have all these things and more but if you embrace a negative attitude you will find it very difficult to enjoy all that you have.

We all know people who seem to have everything, but they are never happy. They always have a long list of complaints and negative comments each time you speak to them.

There is only one thing that you have complete control over ... your attitude. You can wake up each day and treat it as if you have just been born. Nothing that happened before matters. It's a new day and you have another chance to be and do your best.

A positive attitude can be cultivated. If you believe you can or you believe you can't ... you are correct.

One person has been a shining example for me of what a difference attitude can make. Mr. Mickey is always positive, smiling and joking with everyone he meets. He has many reasons to not be that type of person but he makes a conscious choice each and every day of his life to get up, get well dressed and face the day with a positive attitude and extreme kindness.

He has inspired me to look on the bright side for all of the nine years he has been in my life. I can attest to the fact that it makes all the difference in my health (both mental and physical), in my confidence and in what I have accomplished.

We all have things that happen to us that break us and knock us down in life. Attitude determines what happens next.

Thank you for joining me and Mr. Mickey on this journey through midlife and beyond. 
The second fifty years really are the best!

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Cathryn said...

What a fantastic post, and thoughts that I agree with wholeheartedly.

Donna said...

What a beautiful post! I'm a little misty-eyed after reading it. He is indeed, a fantastic person. You are a very fortunate woman to have such an encourager in your life.

meriusa said...

'He is always positive, smiling and joking with everyone he meets.'
This kindness, choice and life wisdom is precious indeed . Lets try to be a little bit so.

Unknown said...

I believe 100% in what you said about attitude! It makes ALL the difference in the world. It is not what happens to us in life but how we respond to what happens that determines how happy we are. Sure sounds like you and Mr. Mickey have unlocked the secret to a happy life and are now sharing that joy with others. Thank you SO MUCH for what you do! And please keep doing it!

at my dressingtable said...

A great post Susan and what a fine gentleman Mr Mickey is, Best wishes to you both.
PS love your blog being following your blog for a while now.

Nuts4dogs said...

Mr. Mickey should write a blog post. You help us with style and he could help men become gentlemen again. From some of the older photos of you two he's slimmed down a little and sharpened his look. You are obviously both good for each other.

Does Mr. Mickey have a wicked sense of humour? His license plates are cute but the frame shows the real humour. I had to read it a couple of times before my brain registered.

It's so nice to read a post gushing about how wonderful another is. I'm sure it made his day too.

sharon said...

Such a great post! I agree each day we make the choice concerning our attitudes. It is wonderful that you have such a Mr. Mickey to share your life with!

Unknown said...

Mr. Mickey is so dapper and a real gem, too! On a totally superficial note (sorry!), I see he is a Mercedes afficionado. I am in the process of test driving my first Mercedes (a little C250) and will buy one soon. :)

Janine said...

I'm a fairly new reader to your blog and just wanted to say how much I enjoy it.

Today's post has been very timely. Thankyou for the positive thoughts.

wondering gardener said...

You are so right. I have a very good friend that is so happy all the time. She told me she chose to be happy and positive instead of negative and lives her life just that way. It is a work in progress with me.

mel said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

More than your fashion related posts, I love it when you talk about your life and the attitude with with you and Mr. Mickey approach things. It really does help me to stay positive. Also, seeing you having so much fun and enjoying life even though you've had your struggles gives me hope that one day I will craft the life for myself that I've always wanted. Thanks!

Happyatlast said...

This post was exactly what I needed at just the right time. I have followed your blog for the last year or so, during which time I have had several major life changes and worked through a lot internally about what I want for the second part of my life (I am fifty one). I have recently gotten to know a very kind and positive gentleman who happens to be eighteen years my senior. You are helping me realize that age isn't a deal breaker when someone is just so good for you. Thanks so much!