Thursday, August 21, 2014

Oldies But Goodies

 One of the great things about building a wardrobe that includes classic pieces is that you can wear them for as long as they last.

This Jones of New York Country jacket is from my last thin phase about ten years ago. It is embroidered in white upon a black background. 

If you have been following me for a while you know that my weight has yo-yoed for my whole life. Staying vegan 90% of the time has allowed me to stay at a comfortable 145 pounds for almost four very healthy years. At five feet seven inches tall, that is a good weight for my frame.

The shoes are about ten years old also. They are by Sam & Libby and they aren't even married anymore.

The black pants are from Chico's. 
The red zipper trimmed clutch bag is by Nine West via Ross.

Mr. Mickey took me to dinner at Wellington's a couple of nights ago. That was the last time I ate. I am going for my five-year colonoscopy today. As usual I am giving you way too much information in order to encourage you to get all of your screenings and have all of the tests we need at this time in our lives. Mr. Mickey and I have both had cancers and other health related issues in the past so we are very careful to get all the screenings and tests our Physicians schedule for us. 

Thank you for joining me and Mr. Mickey on this journey through midlife and beyond. 
The second fifty years really are the best!

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Maura said... the outfit (all of it). It is indeed timeless. Love the shoes! Good luck on your test today. You just reminded me that I am due as well. Thanks!


Donna said...

Very nice outfit! Especially like the strappy sandals... Been there, done that on the colonoscopy. Hope your test finds you in tip-top shape!

Unknown said...

One of my favorite things about your blog is the last line... The second fifty years are the best! It makes me hopeful and happy each time I read it. Thanks.

at my dressingtable said...

A great black and white combination, and the touch of red is very chic !, best wishes to you.

Susan said...

The report was great! I don't have to go back for seven years. YEAH! I hope you have a great day too.

meriusa said...

thank you that you are open and sincere to us. It is wonderful that you have your test ok .
It is very useful when you occasionally give us advice about diet .It is almost a miracle you keep the healthy weight so long.

Susan B said...

It's true that we have to pay so much more careful attention to our health these days, but it's worth it!