Saturday, August 2, 2014

An Evening in the Kitchen at Gourmet & Company

Have you ever been the guest of the chef in the kitchen at a fine dining restaurant? Until this night, neither had we. It was the treat of a lifetime!


"Wear something cool. It gets really hot in the kitchen", they told us.

I chose a high low black top and slim leg black pants from Chico's with earrings from Stein Mart, very old beaded copper evening shoes and a bag from T.J.Maxx.

 Gourmet & Company is celebrating 25 years in business.

On this evening they opened their kitchen to me and Mr. Mickey for the evening. A special table was set up in an area where we could watch Chef Jacob and his team create the magic on our plates.

Below is Todd, the most awesome bar manager ever! We have been visiting with him for more than eight years and he is always charming and professional. His ability to pair the best wine with your food is always spot on.

Below is Chef Jacob. He is an amazingly talented chef but he also has a keen eye for business and has taught his staff to "be" him. It was like watching a dance performance as they quickly prepared seventy-five fabulous meals on this evening.

Chef Jacob prepared each of our seven courses and Todd paired each with the perfect wine to complement the flavors.

This pasta dish was one of the best entrees ever!

The Sockeye Salmon was also perfect.

The sweet corn pudding was a delightful dessert course.

The team in action at the busiest time.

Jason, Jacob, Mr. Mickey and I, John and Chance

Our splendid menu for the evening.

Thank you Chef Jacob and Gourmet & Company for an evening we will never forget.

I am so glad you have joined us for our excellent adventures during this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are the best!

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Nuts4dogs said...

This outfit is a keeper. I'm totally head over heels in love with the shoes.

The menu looks awesome also. Sounds like another fun evening. You two are always doing such interesting things. Thanks for sharing.

Donna said...

What a fun evening and a privilege to watch a chef and his crew at work. I hope his language was a little better than Gordon Ramsey's! Your food all looks fabulous...yum! You and Mr Mickey are so sweet together.

Shelley Zurek -- Still Blonde after all these YEARS said...

Loving those shoes with that outfit. I know you said they are old but who makes them? Very pretty. So interesting to see the back end of the restaurant.

Susan said...

Shelley Zurek - The shoes are by Valerie Stevens and they are about ten years old. Thank you!

Lynne in NC said...

Another great post from one of your fun adventures. Thanks for sharing. You look fabulous!

sharon said...

What a special evening.

Delaine said...

You look fabulous, as usual! I know we all say it often, but it is SO TRUE!! We are always so happy to see you at Gourmet and Company, it's fun to see you having fun!