Sunday, July 13, 2014

Readers On The Porch

A pair of readers in every room, on the screened in porch and in my bag is a now a necessity.

I truly enjoy those moments spent reading on my screened porch surrounded by plants and watching the birds in the wooded area at the back of my home. Even when the wind is blowing or it is raining this is a very pleasant place to sit and relax for a while.

Wherever I am these days, there is a pair of readers close by. The style above is the Tamara. The style below is the Brookside. Both are from

Here is the rest of my look for a casual gathering at the home of our dear friends.

My friend, Millie's geraniums are gorgeous! 

I am wearing a boat neck knit top in black with ankle zip khaki jeans both from Chico's. The shoes are from T.J.Maxx.

This post is sponsored by You can shop from a huge variety of styles here. Their customer service is excellent!

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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sharon said...

I am with you on having readers in every room! I will have to check out the web site!

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of optical sunglasses similar to Tamara. The shape lifts the face. Essential as in my 60th year.
Sheila J.

Unknown said...

Those cat's eye readers are da bomb! :D


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look lovely in all of the selections! I agree they have some fun styles on their site and they are so affordable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, Your blog is so fun to look at, you elude so much confidence and charm and you always look so lovely. I know you love your shoes and always have a bright cheerful pedicure, however I am wondering why you don't do manicures, your fingernails are always nude? Is it considered too much going on if both the toes and fingers are done. I know as of late I don't ever do my toes and hands the same color, but maybe I have too much color going on then? Yikes, we need your opinion on this one. PS...I'm 51.

Susan said...

Come on over to Facebook today. We are having a conversation about nail color or no color.

Anonymous said...

Recently discovered your blog and love it. I read through all the years and it made me feel like you were a long time friend. You purchase a lot from Chicos and look glam. I find their pants bag out in the bottom and thighs after a few hours of wear looking frumpy. What is your, fabric content, sizing. Any tips so I can achieve a similar look?

Susan said...

My favorite pants from Chico's are jeans or the Traveler's in black. I buy them snug, knowing that they will relax after a few hours of wear.

Antionette Blake said...

I used to have readers in every room, now I keep the one pair with me everywhere I go!

Donna said...

You wear glasses very well. Also, you are very smart to wear sunglasses when you are outside. Protect those peepers!

Unknown said...

The these glasses all look fabulous on you! And love your cute porch. We're on the blog together this month, so I thought I'd check ya out! Will follow you on Bloglovin too!
Dawn Lucy