Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Night Out

On some date nights we have a progressive dinner, roaming from one restaurant to another.

 For the first course we may have a glass of wine and an appetizer in one restaurant.

At another restaurant we may have a salad.

Our first course for this evening was enjoyed at Cafe' Lola. This is a great place to meet with friends and have a cocktail after work and then come back later in the evening for an elegant date night.

Our next visit was to the bar at our old favorite, Wellington's in the Carnegie Hotel.

Sometimes we sit by a fireplace or a window with a great view and have a glass of wine and a long conversation. Those conversations often draw in other people sitting around us. On this evening we met a delightful group of women celebrating one young woman's start of med school here at ETSU.

These two beautiful ladies are the mothers of the lovely young women below.

We visited with this delightful group for a long pleasant conversation. It was great to share in the celebration of the exciting life adventure that they are just beginning.

Our last stop of the evening was on the patio at our favorite place to visit in town. Gourmet and Company is celebrating twenty-five years in business and so on the 25th of each month this year there is a special dinner menu along with live entertainment on the patio. Tonight's performance was by the great local band, This Mountain.

The festive evening ended visiting with great friends and listening to superb live music.

The Cynthia Rowley shoes are from Belk and the little black dress is by Ralph Lauren via T.J.Maxx. The asymmetric neckline and ruching at the waist are details that make it unique.  I am most definitely more comfortable in pants and a jacket but there are occasions when one needs a dress. I am glad I found this one last week.

And now for a little Wear It Wednesday... In an earlier post many of you hated my cool lace up black shoes with this jacket and a pencil skirt, so I restyled it for you here as requested. I still love the shoes but I will wear them with straight leg pants in the future. The skirt is in the to go bag.

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Susan. The nude sandals are much better with the outfit. You have the shapeliest calves and the clean line down to your toes shows them off. Loved the LBD but I thought it needed the pop of an accessory...a chunky silver bracelet maybe?

Nuts4dogs said...

What a fun evening! Your legs look great with the nude sandal. The entire look is great. Can you clone Mr. Mickey?

sharon said...

A great evening!

Joanne said...

After your 'teaser' about Mr. Mickey looking forward to photographing you for date night, I couldn't wait to see the pictures. Once again, you two nailed it! As for the black shoes, I love them, but had read if you have legs like ours (yours & mine) when wearing a dress/skirt to avaid booties and shoes with ancle straps as it shortens your leg that much more. Not saying it's it right or wrong, just sharing. I am no fashionista, that is for sure! thank you both for your time on this blog. More pictures of Mr Mickey! Love his shoes & socks!

Anonymous said...

I have never posted on a blog before but I have greatly enjoyed following yours since I discovered it a few months ago.

What made me do my first ever post was the laugh-out- loud chuckle I had when I read your response about all the comments about the black shoes. I have to admit, when I first saw that picture, it was the first time I ever disagreed with a styling choice you had made. But considering the dozens and dozens of times I have loved your outfits, that's a pretty good record!

I say wear those shoes however you want. It's great to get fashion ideas from other sources but in the end we have to be our true selves.

I look forward to your future blog posts. The photos are all beautiful and your narratives are a real treat!


Anonymous said...

The change to the nude colored heels is much better. I don't know if I'd throw out the pencil skirt, though.

I think you have a great shape for the pencil skirt, but that particular skirt needs to be hemmed slightly higher to fall to no lower than mid knee. (similar hemline height as your black dress)

The white jacket is lovely, but with this pencil skirt I think a more fitted jacket, or one that nips in at the waist a little more and/or one that does not have a high color contrast with the skirt would work better.

Anonymous said...

The re-style looks great! I do love the pencil skirt though. And the black shoes will look great with slacks instead. Just found your blog - great styling for over 50 fashionistas :) Thank You!

Susan Krol said...

Love your new hairstyle. Very becoming.

Donna said...

What a fun evening! You and Mr Mickey make friends wherever you go. Love the dress!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with the skirt except it needs to be an inch or two shorter, so that it crosses the slimmest part of your leg immediately below the knee. Also some camera angles can foreshorten the lower half of one's body. Sheila, Northampton England.

Anonymous said...

I like the nude-colored heels and the black RL dress. Very lovely night-on-the-town outfit. Thanks for sharing, Robin

Anonymous said...

sexy look for date night-paul