Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wear It Wednesday... The Look

Do you remember when you figured out which looks flatter your shape? 
I do... I was over 55 before I had a clue.

The magic word for me is

I love the way solid pieces in black, white, silver, dark denim or deep red all work together. Occasional selections in fuchsia, cobalt, turquoise or purple also complement all but the red.

Slim leg pants (not tight) and pencil skirts help me to look taller and thinner. Dressing in neutral solids allows me to put together an endless variety of looks on a moment's notice. Shoes, bags and jewelry make each combination unique.

Jackets, sweaters and tunics that fall below my natural waist and without a lot of details serve me well. Showing a little skin helps too. A V neckline, ankle baring pants and three quarter length sleeves all help to draw attention away from my nonexistent apple shaped waistline. (I still cringe at those times that I wanted to be at the height of fashion and wore a jumpsuit a couple of times in my twenties. Youth is wasted on the young!)

I strongly recommend this little exercise: When you determine what your body shape is, find a famous person with the same shape who dresses in a style that you admire. Study their way of dressing in a variety of situations. Do a Google search of images of that person and look at them for a few minutes each day until it becomes second nature for you to put together similar looks. We tend to emulate the style of dressing we see around us just as we pick up the same manner of speaking. This is a way to choose your influences.

Soon you will be able to walk into your closet and put together a look for any event in just a few minutes. You will already have a mental picture of a variety of looks that you feel comfortable in. The same success will come when you walk up to a rack of clothes in a store. You will always recognize what is part of your winning combination.

Mastering this tip will save you time and money. You won't need that many clothes because everything you own can be worn in different combinations almost all year long.

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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sharon said...

Love your outfits Susan! It seems at 57 I am learning to dress for my apple shape too! It takes years for us to learn what works for us and not follow all the trends! Love reading your blog!

Pat said...

I'm still working on finding the right look for me and I'm older.

Love reading your blog and seeing your outfits on FB

Anonymous said...

You're stunning! I am 57 and your blog is a must read for me as I try and figure out how to dress at this stage in my life.

Cindy said...

Dang! Wish we had the same shape then I could just emulate you! I am a size 6 hourglass, so any recommendations on someone to Google would be appreciated;). Starting to get my wardrobe in shape after a couple of years adjusting after I let my hair go white. Not only did my colors change somewhat, but my hairstyle and self-image!

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful advice regarding neutrals! You have renewed my interest in fashion at 58 years old! ~Lindy

Donna said...

You posted some of my favourite looks on you. I doubt that you have many "closet orphans". Very good advice on buying pieces to actually wear.

Susan B said...

You really have figured it out, and look smashing in all of these outfits! I'm curious...who was your famous person body doppleganger?

Susan said...

une femme, my fashion muses are Emmanuelle Alt editor french Vogue, Inès de la Fressange, Carine Roitfeld, the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and Jackie O. I like understated basics with cool shoes, an interesting bag and stunning jewelry.