Friday, December 6, 2013

Mr. Mickey's Place

Some of you asked for a peek into Mr. Mickey's new home.

Last evening we attended our neighborhood pot luck Christmas dinner held at our clubhouse, so we snapped a few pictures in his foyer before leaving.

The sculptures on the wall behind me are by J. Cotter.

Not many bachelor pads have a crystal chandelier. This one has hung in several of Mr. Mickey's dining rooms over the years.

There are so many pieces of special art, he has not yet found a place for many of them but he is still working on it. The bust behind me to the left is a sculpture of Mickey done many years ago. The artist now lives at the end of the block. Small world indeed!

It was 75 degrees here last evening so I was actually sorry I wore the sweater. The necklace, sweater and tank are from Chico's last year. The gray slacks are from Stein Mart last year. The Vince Camuto flats are from Nordstrom.

Eight years ago Mr. Mickey and I met at a neighborhood Christmas party in our old neighborhood. It was the party that changed my life.

For that first party I took bacon wrapped chestnuts which I almost burned. I had second thoughts about even going to the party after that! For this party I took something much more simple, southern cornbread and roasted Brussels sprouts. Mr. Mickey made his world famous deviled eggs of which none were left. 

Thank you so much for reading my blog. 
I hope all your dinner parties are wonderful!

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Donna said...

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of Mr Mickey's new home. Cute story about your first meeting! I could make a meal on devilled eggs, brussel sprouts and cornbread alone. I keep cornbread on hand at all times because hubs likes cornbread and buttermilk, a childhood treat.

Canuck-Girl said...

Great post; always look for a post. Love the outfits you put together. And Mr. Mickey is a gem to share his lovely home with us. Can't wait for more.

Canuck-Girl said...

Enjoyed the post; always look for a new one. Love the outfits you put together. And Mr. Mickey is a gem to share his lovely home with us. Look forward to your next "date night".

Sandra Sallin said...

Always lovely to share your journeys. My question is how do you keep your weight off with all the partying and traveling and eating out that you do?

Susan said...

Sandra Sallin, we don't normally eat an evening meal. When we do, it is very light or we split something. Read the book "Eat to Live" for more info on what to eat and why. Hugs! Susan