Sunday, December 8, 2013

Annual Progressive Dinner

Our holiday season always begins with the annual Progressive Dinner in Jonesborough, Tennessee's oldest town.

Our temperatures dipped into the twenties last evening so I wore layers of red and black, knowing that we would be spending a bit of time outside as we visited each house on the tour.

The tour begins at the Chester Inn Museum.

At each stop along the guided bus tour there is live music, one course of the meal and a self guided tour of each of the historic homes.

This reclaimed barn wood table in a foyer was a work of art.

Old houses often have original hardware that prove hazardous for my high heels, such as this grate with huge holes. I experienced free falling for a moment in this 1920's house before I realized where I was standing!

The main course was served at Jonesborough’s new McKinney Cultural Arts Center at the historic Booker T. Washington School.

The highlight of the evening is always singing along with The Jonesborough Novelty Band.

A train traveled under this tree!

I am wearing a Geiger boiled wool jacket, a Talbot's long sleeve tee, a necklace from Coldwater Creek, a red scarf and black wide leg pants from Stein Mart, with black short boots from Belk. All the items are a couple of years old... (beauty of basics!)

Thank you for reading my blog! Have a lovely Sunday.

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Canuck-Girl said...

What a fun and informative evening. Great that you travel by bus. Your outfit is spot on and I am envious of those temperatures!

it"s me said...

You look so pretty in red! Sounds like such a fun evening.

Adrienne Pietrangeli said...

Lovely! Merry Christmas!

Lady of Style said...

You look fabulous and I love the bright red. Not only perfect for the holiday season but also mood lifting and last but not least it suits you so well!

What a great evening you had!

Annette | Lady of Style

MamaMelissa said...

Hello!! The red looks so good on you! My question - you and I have very similar coloring. I love wearing red but I am always uncomfortable about red lipsticks. I feel like it's so obvious! What do you wear? Thanks so much!!
- Melissa

Susan Street said...

Hi Melissa! I apply red lip stick but I blot it and reapply it several times while I am putting on my makeup so that it stains my lips rather than sliding around on the surface of them. During the evening, I apply lip gloss often as I really hate the look and feel of dry lips. Thanks for the question.

Donna said...

Pretty, festive outfit for a festive evening! The Q&A about red lipstick was helpful. Your lipstick looks more subtle than screaming "look at me!". I admire your discipline and self-control when eating out.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You look fabulous, Susan! We are both in red today...isn't it a fun color!

Anonymous said...

I am 58, 5ft 7 tall and weigh 130lbs. My 27 year old daughter says that we look alike (although I have chosen to still colour my hair brunette). Maybe I should send you a photo to see what you think. I am determined not to be frumpy however old I get. I love reading your blog frustrating though it is that I can't shop your shops. Sheila, Northampton, England.

Anonymous said...

My daughter was also very impressed with your choice of shoes. Sheila

Anonymous said...

What a beauty in RED! Your look captures the festivity of the season - thanks!

Linda Cassidy said...

Great look and that looks life a fantastic way to spend an evening