Saturday, December 7, 2013

Rocker Regina

We had a long discussion on Facebook this week about skinny jeans, age and size appropriate attire. Today I want to show you Mr. Mickey's beautiful daughter Regina. She completely slays the myth that women of a certain age or size should not be trendy or dress in black.

Regina is true to her self-image in that she always wears what fits her unique rocker/goth/vintage-cool vibe. She can easily wear looks that would make me feel completely silly no matter how hard I try. 

At forty-seven she projects the image of someone who is confident and well aware of trends but makes them work well for her size sixteen frame. 

As I often do on Fridays, I took my staff out to lunch. While we were in the restaurant I watched people of all ages and life situations interact with Regina. She is so much like her father in that she has a timeless, ageless personality and style that anyone can easily approach and talk with. Those conversations always seem to end with laughter.

Thank you Regina for allowing me to show your unique style to the followers of Fifty, not Frumpy!

Regina is the Vice-President of


donna macdonald said...

She is gorgeous! Glossy hair...And a soft sweetness to her face which is unusual with the vibe she projects. I think her style is unique and looks great on her.

catquilts said...

What a great blog post! Regina is a lovely woman and certainly doesn't look her age. She is being her authentic self, and I applaud that.

Regina Jilton-Christensen said...

Thank you so much for the compliments on my style and personality. Coming from someone who projects nothing but pure class and style, it makes it that much more profound. I must say that after seeing the pictures, I really needed a long silver necklace or my skull scarf. Lol. Love you,...much.

Doris said...

Loved seeing Regina, you can tell she is a happy, confident lady!

Donna said...

Regina is one gorgeous gal! Beautiful hair and most important of all, a beautiful smile. Echoing Miss Doris's comment, she projects happiness and confidence. Love seeing a lady who knows herself and her style.

Moving For Love said...

She looks great in this outfit. It is a very classy look and you can tell she feels as good as she looks. Confidence is one of the best accessories. Also her clothes fit. There is nothing worse than someone who tries to wear something that is 2 sizes to small. Even if they are a size 6.