Friday, November 15, 2013

The Santa Project

Last evening we attended a fundraiser that is near and dear to our hearts.

Each year at Christmas time Mr. Mickey becomes Mr. Santa for about fifty underprivileged children in our area. In November a group of our friends gather for a wine and cheese fundraiser for the project.

Each child is given a winter coat, shoes, an outfit for school and a toy. The family or guardians are invited to a pizza party just before Christmas. Santa visits with the children and gives them their gifts at the party.

I always enjoy catching up with my sweet friends Una and Lee.

My friend Dianna is a follower and big fan of Fifty, not Frumpy. (She is wearing a Chico's sweater and necklace.) Thank you Dianna for your kind words.

The evening was a huge success and it was great fun visiting with everyone. To top off the evening we saw a big black bear as soon as we entered our neighborhood tonight. It was so beautiful! Hopefully it will safely find it's way back to the mountain where it belongs soon.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. It is always a pleasure to hear from you.

Susan Street is the president of


Heather Bates said...

What a great event to hold for the underprivileged children in your area. You show us how to put smart outfits together - which is very helpful.

What a wonderful person you are ( and a shout out to Mr. Mickey)!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Susan!
Y'all look so festive! I think you have officially put me in the Christmas Spirit. ( I try not to let that happen until AFTER Thanksgiving)
God Bless you all for your giving and loving hearts.
Judith Presgrove

Donna said...

Mr Mickey makes a dandy St Nck! You will be blessed for helping to brighten these children's lives. You look marvelous in your red outfit.

Anonymous said...

Bless you both for giving cheer to those children in need.
My husband put on his Santa suit on Christmas Eve for years and went to homes just for the sheer pleasure of it. We often got cheers from people as we traveled in our yellow bug VW.Those were happy years for us and I know you will feel the same

LoriM said...

What a nice thing to do.

You are so pretty, Susan! I'm admiring your clutch purse, today. Was it you who wrote about how chic they can make an outfit look? Might have been someone over at "YouLookFab".

I'll have to think about adding a clutch to my very small purse collection. I'm so practical, I prefer something with a strap but I love this look.

Anyway - I'm enjoying your blog!

Lori (who is 54!)

Canuck-Girl said...

I could not agree more with the comments about your putting us into the holiday spirit. Wonderful job. Is your friend Diane wearing a Chico's sweater?

Unknown said...

yes, my sweater is from Chico's and necklace too