Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rain on Date Night

It was raining and the restaurant was super crowded but we forgot about all that as we visited with our dearest friends.

I am wearing shades of gray, topped with a sapphire boiled wool jacket from Chico's. Note that I wear black and white animal prints. The gold undertones of most brown animal prints do not complement my cool skin tone.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 
Thank you for reading my blog!

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Lynne in NC said...

You look lovely in this outfit. You certainly know your colors!
You mention that black and white animal prints look best with your coloring. This is very helpful fashion information.
Thanks for sharing.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I have cool skin tone also so try to wear only "winter" colors. There are SOME shades of brown I can pull off:)

Donna said...

I would agree with Lynne regarding the tip on the black and white animal prints. It is good information indeed. The blue jacket is smashing on you.

Lynn said...

nice look. I like the way you are not overly "dolled up" but still look "done up" but in a classy way...

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Have stumbled across your blog through a link. I have just read all your postings!

What fabulous clothes, jewellery & accessories you wear.

I have reserved the Eat to Live book through my library via email today - so will see how that goes.

Your story is fabulous - keep on keeping on! It makes things easier to look forward to (I have just turned 50) if I see someone like you enjoying life so much & looking so great.

DeeJay from Whangarei, New Zealand