Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Wine Club

Mr. Mickey and I are charter members of a wine club. Last night we attended a tasting which included the Italian wines Baraolos and Brunellos.

I am wearing a long black, red and cream sweater over a long sleeve red tee with a bold Asian inspired tassel necklace all from Chico's. The straight leg black pants are from Stein Mart a couple of years ago. The shoes are from Nordstrom. The bag is by Tahari via T.J.Maxx last year. 

Before the tasting I studied that large map of Italy showing all the wine regions on the easel behind me. 
Have you been to Italy? 

I hope you have a lovely weekend. 
Thanks so much for reading.

Susan Street is the President of


Diana Hargadon said...

You look beautiful and the outfit looks perfect! Why, no black?

Donna said...

Love the sweater! Looks like a fun and informative evening. Find any new favourites?

Susan G said...

I know you're steering away from black now, but you can't beat the versatility and classic grace of black trousers. This outfit looks great on you, especially against your hair!

Sue W said...

Love that outfit! I have been adding more black! Ilike the contrast with bright colors, and it goes with so many things.

I haven't been to Italy, but did try some wines in France many years ago. I would love to go back someday.

Connie said...

You look great and what a beautiful outfit!