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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shopping With Susan

This is the time of year that we start to consider the end of season sales which have already begun. When I shop now, I only look for items to fill holes in my wardrobe. 

Impulse purchases almost always gave me buyer's remorse in the past so I put a stop to that practice. 

Carefully thought out, well-planned purchases serve me well. For example, I bought this mixed media cardigan by Peter Nygard at the Dillard's end of season sale last year for about 70% off the original price. I had been looking for something similar for months, so I have happily worn it many times this year. 

Divide the number of times you wear something into the price you paid for it to determine its actual cost. If you buy something for $100 and wear it only once, that was a very expensive piece. If you buy something for $100 and wear it thirty times, it cost about $3.33 per wear making it a much wiser purchase.

When I am drawn to an item, I ask myself these questions. 

"Will I wear this at least once a week?" 
(I probably won't, but I should love it that much before buying anything else.) 

"Will this go with at least four other items in my closet?" 
If it is a one hit wonder, meaning it can only be worn one way, I don't buy it.

"Is this too memorable?" 
If I buy prints or bold colors, I am always sorry afterward. I feel as if I am yelling when I wear these items.

"Is this a three season item?"
Pieces that can be layered to be worn almost all year round earn a place of honor with me. Our weather is rather mild here in east Tennessee so I have no use for a heavy winter coat for example. I can layer three pieces and be warm enough even on our coldest day.

I am drawn to basic pieces in the best quality I can afford. Disposable fashion does not appeal to me. I only want items in my collection that I can wear for years to come. My goal is to only add items I have been looking for which might now be at a price I can afford. Something that originally inspired me might have cost $3,000, but about $150 for a major addition is more in line with my budget. That requires some patience and a bit of shopping around with a picture of that object in my mind. When I see a piece similar to what I have been searching for at a price I can now afford, I know I am making the right decision to buy it.

I shopped online at Dillard's recently where I bought epic Ralph Lauren jackets and a pair of short boots all in styles I have been looking for over the past year. I love to shop in their stores, but the closest one is in Asheville. Below are some of their other great items that caught my eye.

Click on the arrow to the right of your screen to see the other items.

Thank you for joining us on this wonderful journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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