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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Magic of Nude Shoes

Nude shoes are great in any season but they are nearly perfect in warm weather.

Whenever I create a Polyvore set such as the one above, I look for basic pieces that can be found in most stores including thrift stores. I look for pieces that cost less than $50 and that can work with many other elements. (That's the way I shop in real life too!)

 Upon entering a shoe department, the first color I look for is nude. I wear that tone more than any other.

Nude shoes elongate the leg and complement almost any outfit. 
Nude means the color closest to the color of your skin.

Other tips that I employ are wearing one solid color or similar tones on my body with accents of other colors. This helps to make me look taller and slimmer. Every horizontal break of color or pattern on your body makes you look shorter and wider. 

I look for handbags with simple details and minimal hardware. A red handbag is almost always a good idea. I wear a lot of solid colors in subtle combinations so the red handbag is a great pop of color.

One or two simple bold accessories serve me well. This is especially true when wearing a hat. Everything else in your look should be minimal when you wear a hat. Think of the woman who wears sunglasses, large earrings, a hat, a necklace and a scarf all at the same time. That's just too much going on in one place. Clutter in your outfit is never a good look.

When I first started blogging I often strayed from these rules and the look became too costume'ish. As I get closer to sixty, I want to look polished and comfortable. This is not the time in life to be a fashion victim.

Thank you for joining me on this fun journey through midlife and beyond.

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