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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daffodils and Sunshine

On Saturday we had a few hours of sunshine and temps above forty degrees for the first time in a long while.

Today I carried the faux alligator skin bag I told you about earlier. I really like it a lot! The size and shape are perfect for me. Sometimes you don't know how much you will like something until you take it for a "test drive". I will look for this size and shape when I invest in a higher quality bag in the future. The navy blazer is by Austin Reed, the red jeans are from Chico's, the boots are by Ralph Lauren via T.J. Maxx. The golf print scarf is from Ross.

Here you can see evidence of my one good day in the yard so far this year. I cut back all the monkey grass edging the front gardens, trimmed shrubs and irises back and added mulch. In about another week we should have nicer weather so that one can go outside without shivering the whole time.

Working in my flower gardens has always given me serenity. I so look forward to warmer weather when something new seems to pop up from the earth each day. So far daffodils and few other early bulbs are the only things to bloom. The pink cherry trees should be in bloom next month. I'll be sure to share a picture of those with you.  

Below is one of my favorite little shade garden paths from last summer. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!
Thank you for visiting with me in my gardens.