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Friday, June 17, 2016

Pedicure Day

Do you get manis and pedis?

I look forward to this time which allows me to forget all my responsibilities and put my to-do list aside for a couple of hours. I did my own for most of my life, but now I really enjoy the luxury of having a professional take care of my nails year round.

Today I am sharing tips I have found helpful for finding and visiting a nail technician.

I looked for a space that was exceptionally clean, neatly organized and peaceful. I do not enjoy getting any services where there is clutter, loud music, or lots of chatter.

Finding a tech who has the same level of perfectionism that I do and a personality that is pleasant to visit with while the services are being provided is definitely a plus. 

Now that I have found the perfect fit for me, I will remain loyal to her with regularly scheduled appointments. I respect her time and always arrive a few minutes early or let her know with a phone call more than twenty-four hours ahead of time if I will be traveling during my appointed visit time.

I dress in loose, comfortable clothes. The legs and arms of what I wear should be easy to roll up. I have appropriate flip-flops by OkaB, which are worn only on pedicure days. I take a shower a few hours before my visit, but I shave my legs the day before which gives any small nicks a chance to heal a little before the visit. I skip perfume on the day I visit any service provider or Doctor's office. They may not enjoy my fragrance as much as I do.

Your service provider should always use fresh towels, disinfected or new tools only, and the space should be operating room clean. I never allow my cuticles to be cut or a razor to be used on my skin which tricks your skin into producing more thickening. The truth is, you need thicker skin in some areas for a reason. I walk and run for three miles almost every day. When too much skin is taken away, it makes my feet very tender.

I have short fingers with a small nail bed, so I always choose a nude color and a square-oval nail shape to elongate. This color is OPI's Tickle My France-Y.

Neat square red nails on my toes is my signature look. In the summer, I switch to a brighter lighter color like OPI's Cajun Shrimp or Dutch Tulips.

The top I am wearing here is by Last Tango. It was provided by Purple Poppy. The pants are several years old by Evan Picone via Dillard's. The fun colorful clutch bag is from Carriage Trade Antiques next door, in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. The ring is from B'Dazzeled, also located in Blowing Rock.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!