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Friday, January 3, 2014

New Flat Shoes

When I mentioned in an earlier post that I was starting to wear flat shoes more often for daytime, I was amused at the howls of protest from some of you. I have worn heels for most of my adult life but now, two and a half years away from my sixtieth birthday, I am starting to invest in flats because my feet recently started letting me know it's time.

I found these Enzo Angiolini® Liberty Loafers at Appleseeds. They were one of the first pairs of flats I purchased. Not all flats are created equally. These looked like just the right style for me but I am going to be wearing them around the house for quite some time to break them in. They are a bit narrow where they are stitched together at the ball of the foot.

These Hush Puppies Dalby Moc Flats are super comfortable. (I used my Christmas money from my parents to buy three pairs of shoes from Macy's. Thanks Mom and Dad!)

I also bought these Alfani Women's Allegra Step N Flex Flats from Macy's. Love them!

These Aerosoles Clean Slate wedge heels in brown are also from Macy's. I haven't worn them yet but they feel comfortable from just trying them on.

These are Vince Camuto animal print flats from Nordstrom. Remember to treat animal prints as a neutral. Wearing them with black tights will give you the Minnie Mouse effect. (Sorry Minnie but that isn't a good look for me!) I wear them with nude pantyhose or bare feet in warmer weather.

I found some wonderful jeans at Chico's which I wear quite often during the daytime with a jacket or open cardigan and long sleeve tee. These shoes will all work with jeans or any slim leg pants. I do not wear athletic shoes with jeans.

Thank you for reading my blog and for joining me on this journey through midlife and beyond.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Family Gathering

For a very casual gathering of extended family, I wore jeans and a long sleeve tee.

The tee, jeans and necklace are all from Chico's. The boiled wool jacket is from Appleseed's

The Coach bag was purchased at their outlet store in Blowing Rock, North Carolina last summer. The shoes are from Macy's and they are worn with beige Hanes pantyhose from Target.

The gathering was hosted by my beautiful cousin Rhonda in her fabulous new home by the lake. My mother and I delighted in watching the gulls and blue herons and geese from the huge windows that offer a panoramic view of the lake. 

Mickey and I had to stop on the road leading away from their home to wait for about forty whitetail deer of all ages and sizes to pass in front of and around us. I was thrilled to be part of that surreal scene.

I hope your new year is filled with happiness and great style.
Thank you for reading my blog and for joining me on this journey through midlife and beyond.

Susan Street is the President of