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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why I Won't Be Trendy This Fall

This past weekend, I was discussing an article with Mr. Mickey which detailed some of the 2016 Fall trends. He asked me which of those I was going to wear. My answer was, "None of them."

From Winter 2015
The body of the jacket I wore above is bulky but since the sleeves are sleek faux leather and I wore it open with a slim fitting black low neckline top and slim fitting pants, this textured jacket worked for me in this case. If the sleeves were also bulky and I belted the jacket, I would look twenty pounds heavier.

While I enjoy wearing classic pieces on most days, I also appreciate the spice of an occasional edgy or trendy piece thrown in for good measure. The most important question to ask when adding something new to your wardrobe is always; "Will this look good on me?" Regardless of styles or trends, the first consideration should always be if the item flatters your coloring, your shape, your personality, and your height.

I never follow a trend just to look current. If however, the trend flatters me, I might consider it. Great style means knowing what looks good on your body. That means understanding how to use texture and proportion, how to style the pieces and what tones complement your complexion.

Below are a few of the trends for Fall that I will not be wearing with an explanation as to why not.

Statement Chokers

I have a roundish face and a short neck. I should never wear anything that makes my neck appear shorter and my face appear more round.

The Cape
I carry most of my weight front and center, so a cape would make me look as if I were wearing a tent. If I wear a double-breasted jacket I will rarely if ever close it.

Tan Colors
Tans and beiges make me look ill because I have cool coloring. I enjoy wearing trench coats but I have a white one and a couple of black ones. Never a tan one.

Just no! Ruffles, lace, and gathers do not go with my personality. They add volume, usually around the face or bust where I certainly do not need it.

Golden Brocades
Gold tones will never allow me to look my best. I do have a ruby and black brocade jacket that I may wear again if the occasion arises.

Puffy Jackets and Coats

Why on earth would I ever wear something that makes me look like a bumblebee?

Faux Fur Coats
Faux fur will always look better on the hanger than on my body. Fur adds volume. If you weigh 90 pounds, with a small bust and you are six feet tall, you might look good in a faux fur jacket with skinny jeans. Any type of fur will always make me look like a very large marshmallow.

Shearling Coats
Shearling is by nature a dull warm color and bulky. Like corduroy, suede, and tweed, shearling is stiff and adds volume. I need to wear sleek, silky, smooth surfaces that add no bulk to my frame.
I use myself as an example in these "thinking out loud" posts. I hope these projects will help you to determine what looks best on you and what serves your needs for your lifestyle.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

All words, styling, and creative direction are my own.
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