Monday, February 8, 2016

Details Make the Difference

On Saturday, we visited the Birthplace of Country Music Museum in Bristol, Virginia.

I don't know how other bloggers do their photoshoots, but I just get dressed and we go somewhere and have fun. We take a small, not so great camera and shoot a few photos while we are there. It isn't a very planned or well-choreographed event. We are just having fun and sharing the pictures with you. Sometimes I wear old clothes and sometimes I wear something new. If I can remember where I bought the item, I share the source with you.

Laughter always fills our time together. Mr. Mickey has a great sense of humor and I must admit it has begun to rub off on me after ten years of dating.

Count yourself lucky that you won't be hearing me sing!

Do you buy scarves and then never wear them because you don't know how to tie them? I have lots of scarves, but I always tend to wear them in the same few ways, so today I made a real effort to try something new. First I tried the trick of tying the scarf in a small loop on one end and pulling the other end through to form a lovely drape and a long free flowing end. That lasted about two minutes because it kept slipping forward to look like I was wearing a noose. Not an attractive look!

I generally wear a large square silk scarf by folding it diagonally from corner to corner. Next I drape the ends of the triangle over my shoulders and put my jacket on over it to hold it place. That's sort of boring but it gives me the straight lines and pattern break I need plus it never moves.

Next I folded the square scarf in a triangle again. This time, I put the point in front and wrapped the ends around my neck and brought them back to the front. I tied a tiny knot at the very ends and then opened the triangle to drape the top part of the triangle over the tie so that it was now between the folds and not visible. Lastly, I moved the point to the side and slipped it under my jacket to create a cowl effect.

On to the next detail. The top is from Chico's Zenergy collection. I like the silver dots on a white background, but you can see here that the top is too billowy to wear with a jacket. I prefer the look of a slim fitting sleek top under a jacket. It makes me look thinner and less messy.

Those are jeggings from Chico's. This look would have been much better with a pair of ankle pants, but I didn't want to take the time to go back and change. Ankle pants are a couple of inches shorter so that they barely touch the top of most of my short boots. I tried turning these up, but the line of the light blue of the underside of the denim made my legs look too short. I gave up and stuffed them in the boots to keep the look long and lean.

The wine colored bag is by Ivanka Trump via Saks Off 5th. The boots are by Gianni Bini from Dillard's last year. They are suede in the back with a smooth leather front and buckle details. 

The faux leather jacket was purchased from Stein Mart two years ago. The scarf is by Versace via Saks Off 5th.

Here you can see the tips put into action. Scarf tied into a cowl for warmth and an added pattern. Top tucked in at the back for a slimmer fit. Jeans tucked into boots to keep them from bunching up on the tops of my boots. 

I hope you enjoyed being included in the thought process that I often go through when trying to put together a successful look. I will try this look again tomorrow so that you can see how I put these tips to use with different items.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Amy Kennedy said...

Wow! Those are awesome tips! Honestly you are teaching me so much! Thank you! Thank you! Pure Gold!

Nancy said...

I love the way you put together your different outfits & the honesty you project about the behind the scenes efforts. I visit many blogs but yours is probably the most upbeat & positive one - thanks for all your efforts. Have a great week!

Ray-Ann said...

Thanks for keeping it real!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I have been using your previous scarf tying tip for when one leaves the scarf long to let one side be just a little longer than the other to create a longer line. Since I am a plus size woman, if I have a longer scarf I prefer it worn long instead of wrapped close around the neck. I do like the way you have your scarf tied to form a cowl neck. It could bring color up to the face. In February a bit of color and pattern around the face is a nice accent.

I have learned so much from your posts. Thank you!