Saturday, February 13, 2016

Be My Valentine!

Time for a Q&A post! 
"What are your tips for mixing and matching unrelated pieces to create successful unique looks?"

There are a few tips I always try to remember when I am mixing unrelated pieces. 

First, I limit the colors to no more than three. When wearing two or three pieces that are all the same color, I try always to mix the textures since the colors will rarely match exactly. 

Don't be afraid to mix modern with classic. That is one of the secrets to keeping your looks current. If I am wearing something trendy, I keep all the other items very traditional and classic.

Learning which colors and proportions look best on your body shape makes it a lot easier to mix and match pieces with confidence.

We had not planned to go out to dinner for Valentine's day, but when our dearest friends called to invite us to join them, we gladly accepted.

I found this brocade jacket on sale at Chico's recently. This was the perfect evening to wear it for the first time. Considering that it is so ornate, I kept the other accessories to a minimum. The small reptile embossed box clutch is from S.M. Bradford in Hilton Head. The faux leather front Ponte knit back leggings are also from Chico's. The short boots are by French Connection via Saks Off 5th.

The Covered Perfectly long sleeve simple comfort tunic has the best neckline for layering I have ever worn. I also love that they are sleek fitting so that they keep me warm, but they don't add any bulk under my jackets. More black and also the white tunics will be back in stock soon. They are selling so fast the USA maker of these tops is having difficulting keeping up with the demand.

When I answered the door Mr. Mickey handed me a dozen roses, Godiva chocolates, and one card for each day until Valentine's Day. I count myself very lucky to be his lady!

Here are some other great basic pieces for mixing and matching.
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Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Unknown said...

I looked at that jacket! Then wondered where I would wear it! Now I'm sorry I passed it up. lol

My "method" is always to buy separates in a similar colour family (OK, OK, black, almost always) to create a long lean line. I buy "accent" pieces in my favourite colours that go well with black. A scarf, a colourful belt, a great jacket or ruanna. The basic layer tends to be the classics, and the colour pop is where I might purchase a trend (although you are a bad influence, and I did buy the leather leggings!)

Now.... who else dresses like that? Hmmm?

rosary said...

Mr. Mickey sounds like a true sweetheart. You deserve him after having a few tough years!

Unknown said...

I love your outfit..The colous I wear are black, gray and white..My pop of colour is turquois, blue, silver...I always keep it to 3 colours..I am not really a pattern type except for a stripe,animal print or a tweed of some sort..I think that keeps it long and lean..I do think high heeled shoes matching your slacks are the best way..Now that said are you going to eat those chocolates ??

Elaine @ Following Augustine said...

Beautiful jacket!

kobieta niewidzialna said...

You look very chic. :)

No Fear of Fashion said...

Lovely jacket. Looks great on you. And you are right to keep the rest simple.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Great advice and a lovely look, Susan. I will miss my faux leather leggings so much when it is too warm to wear them...I have really enjoyed them this year for any occasion.

Unknown said...

Mr Mickey was proud to have you on his arm!! LOVED the jacket

mercedes said...

I find you very chic. Your rules are simple and easy to follow. Would like to look like you !!