Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wearing A Dress!

I attended church with my family and Mr. Mickey on Sunday.

I wore a knit dress from Chico's last year and my favorite IC Collection faux suede trench from My Fair Lady. 

Dresses are outside my comfort zone but when I do wear them, I pair them with nude pointed toe heels to visually lengthen my legs. This is about the shortest I would ever go unless I am wearing a straight black skirt or dress with opaque black tights and black boots.

I am wearing the most fabulous pantyhose which were a gift from a follower while she was visiting the Monoprix in Paris. (Thank you, Marty!) If you can find 5 or 7 denier ultra sheer stockings you will love them. They make your legs look like silk, but it feels like you aren't even wearing stockings!

The necklace is also old from Chico's. The bag was made in Italy and I found it at T.J.Maxx last year. The nude pumps are by Steve Madden.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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belinda said...

You look lovely in a dress!

Unknown said...

Pretty in peach! Love that cool coat!

Dawn Lucy

Lynn said...

I think you look lovely. The color is nice on you. Its good to step out of our comfort zone now and then.

Unknown said...

you must be seeing something different than we do because you look WONDERFUL in a dress !! It is like me who thought my toes were ugly, until my current gentleman said how beautiful they are and finally got me to wear RED polish on my toenails and open toed shoes!

ci said...

Susan, your comment regarding dress/skirt length raises a question. In your opinion, with black opaque tights or hose and black boots, what is the best length for us? i have enjoyed wearing a dress on occasion, but, the selectons are all above the knee it seems.what do you think?

Susan said...

ci, I wear the length that is most flattering for my legs. Meaning, I would never end the length at the widest portion of my leg. I do think you can go much shorter when wearing opaque black tights if you are content with your knees.