Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Casual Look

We went out for bagels and ran a few errands on Sunday so a comfortable casual look was perfect for the day.

The knit blazer is old from Chico's, as are the jeans and the tank and the necklace. Basic pieces in neutral solids can serve you well for many years and in a variety of combinations. I invest in the best quality I can afford and only buy what I love. This ensures that I can always reach in my closet and pull out three pieces that will go together and look nice either alone or combined with other pieces.

The flat shoes are by Born via Dillard's a couple of years ago.

Even when I am dressing in casual comfortable looks I still want to be presentable and polished.


Lori said...

Great outfit. Blazers look much better with tank tops, but I have to wash the blazer after one or two wearings if I wear a tank under it. I can wear my blazers more days between washing if I wear a tee shirt, but it doesn't look as good. Your blazers always look wonderful. Do you hand wash them? Also, do you wear hose with your shoes? Thank you!

Susan said...

I take my blazers to the dry cleaner after about three wearings. I don't normally wear hose with pants. When I wear closed toe boots in winter I do wear crew socks.

Andrea said...

"I invest in the best quality I can afford and only buy what I love." - Once I started doing this, getting dressed became so much more enjoyable! I really like your wardrobe!