Friday, January 16, 2015

Home Is Where The Collection Is

Each time we shoot outfit photos in my home, I get a ton of questions about decorating. So I am sharing a few photos of my collection of treasures that make my house a home.

If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I got a divorce in the late nineties and started life over with very few possessions. All these items were acquired after that time.

Above is the foyer. The chest was purchased at a deep discount from an old furniture store in the New Orleans area that was going out of business. It weighs a ton! The stone pedestal was purchased at an estate auction. The figurine is one of two similar ones which I purchased on one of the weekend getaways with Mr. Mickey; more about that later.

This is the dining area. The 1940's table and chairs were listed for sale in the classifieds in my local newspaper.

The chest is from T.J.Maxx.

More treasures found in junk stores during endless weekend travels. When I mention a junk store, I am referring to those stores that you find in every town that label themselves Antiques and Collectibles when in reality only perhaps two things in the whole store might be antiques. Part of the fun was finding that one item out of hundreds that spoke to me.

All of these items came from an estate sale, an auction, a yard sale or a salvage yard. The fancy urn on the pedestal to the right was a lamp. I joined a finial to the top from something else and put it on the pedestal which was red, green, orange and beige when I bought it. I painted the whole thing to make it blend with everything else in my home.

I have found some wonderful items such as this carved table at Kimball M. Sterling, Inc. my favorite local family owned auction house.

I won't bore you with all the details but I didn't walk into a fancy furniture or decorating store and buy anything in my home. (Not because I didn't want to, I simply could not afford to for many years.) I have never worked with a decorator but I have always studied the pictures of what I like in decorating magazines to give me inspiration.

I'm sharing all this with you to inspire you as I hope my other style suggestions do. You need not spend lots of money to have a nice home or to dress well. Keep an eye out for things that are classic and timeless and that fit with your sense of style. If you are the creative type you can often make something that is otherwise ugly but has a good shape into something else that you treasure.

This oversize Hudson River style oil painting is my biggest investment. I mulled over the decision to buy it for three years! It took a forklift to unload it from the truck when it arrived at the loading dock of my warehouse.

This finial was a really ugly green and orange lamp before I worked on it.

Many of my items such as this brass tea cart were given to me by friends and family.

I found this chair at a salvage yard in New Orleans and covered it with a glue gun about fifteen years ago. 

Mirror from a yard sale. 
Pedestal from T.J.Maxx. 
Plaster bust from a junk store.

My father made that table for me. 
I found the chair at flea market. I painted it black and gold and also covered it using a glue gun.

Another yard sale chair covered with my trusty glue gun. The table was a gift from my parents.

The bench was bought at an estate auction.

The mirror had a damaged frame so it was reduced quite a bit. That never bothers me. As an artist, I know how to hide or repair a lot of issues. The chest came from a flea market in New Orleans. The bronze fairy was a Christmas gift from Mr. Mickey.

This is the other of the pair of figurines I mentioned earlier. On one of our weekend getaways we were in a town about a hundred miles away in a junk store. I saw this pair of figurines but didn't buy them because I was hesitant to spend that much money on something that wasn't absolutely necessary. I couldn't stop thinking about them for the whole next week so I called the store and ask them to hold them for me until I could come back the next weekend. Mr. Mickey never complained once about having to drive all the way back over there so that I could buy the "Sing Along Girls" as I have named them. 

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on this wonderful journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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