Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shopping With Mr. Mickey

When Mr. Mickey takes me shopping, we go to Chico's or perhaps Kohl's, Stein Mart or T.J.Maxx.

I shopped in Stein Mart on Friday where I found this fabulous faux leather jacket in a plum color.

On Thursday I found this black leather belt with silver hardware in T.J.Maxx.

A few weeks ago I was shopping in Asheville, NC. I wore pointed-toe black flats that day because I knew I would be walking a lot. Half way through the day I had to stop in Ross and buy these strappy black shoes with a heel because the flats were so uncomfortable.

The black jeans were purchased at Chico's earlier this year.

The bag is perhaps ten years old. I think I bought it at T.J.Maxx. The long sleeve white tee is from Kohl's.

We stopped by the MeadowView Marriott to have a late lunch after our day of shopping for Mr. Mickey. Above is a view of the entrance rotunda looking up. Below is the entrance hall to the convention center part of the hotel.

Behind me is one of two waterfall features near the entrance.

The ring and earrings were special gifts from Mr. Mickey.

You may ask, "What does Mr. Mickey buy when he goes shopping?"

Congratulations my dear! 
May your new purchase take us on many wonderful adventures.

Thank you for joining Mr. Mickey and me on our journey through midlife and beyond. 
The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Unknown said...

Looks like you and Mr. Mickey have the same sense of style. Enjoy!

Dianna said...

What a great shopping trip!
I continue to be amazed that you can shop in those heels....

Judy said...

I am so envious of you being able to wear such cute shoes...always heels! thanks to my knee surgery, those days are over for me for the most part. whenever i'm in TJ Maxx and see certain shoes, i always think of you!

one question on Mr. Mickey's it a convertible?!!!

can't wait to see ya'll cruising down the highway of life in that spiffy car.

Cathryn said...

The plum jacket is gorgeous and you wear it well!

Susan said...

The car is a convertible. It has a retractable hardtop and it is a deep metallic blue.

Unknown said...

that sure is some shopping for Mr Mickey. fabulous. And i love your jacket, the color is fabulous on you.


Glammie in N. CA said...

Thanks Susan, I am having such fun following your adventures in shopping and fun! It's made me clean out my closet and I'm happier with strategic buying and wearing what I already have!!!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Great article, Susan! Love ALL the purchases. You and Mr. Mickey look fabulous!

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

You're all set to look stunning (as always) in Mr. Mickey's new car!

Marea Dotz said...

Your shopping trip made me smile. So happy I discovered your blog.

Patti said...

Oh that jacket is perfection, Susan! I prefer faux-leather too. Thanks for sharing your look with Vis Monday, xo.

Donna said...

Your jacket is very sharp! Love the color on you. Oh. My. Word! Mr Mickey's car is fabulous! Enjoy your rides with the top down while the weather is nice. My granddaughter calls a convertible a "car with no ld".

Jessica Jannenga said...

I love your sense of style. The wine colored jacket looks perfect on you, I am in love with these colors. Your black pants and heels are so lovely too!! Great taste :-) Men do like their toys as well huh?
from the link up, jess xx
Please stop by,

meriusa said...

I cannot find what do I admire more the plum leather jacket on you or the convertible blue Mercedes of your partner ?both are a great combination .

Anonymous said...

I bet you look great riding around in that fabulous car with that cute jacket on. Love this post!