Wednesday, January 15, 2014


The style shows for 2014 are showing a return to the minimalism of the nineties.

It's all part of the fashion cycle. For a few years we are draped in layers of jewelry, scarves and lots of color. Eventually we get tired of it all and go back to navy, black, gray and white with very simple lines and minimal accessories. I have always embraced a certain amount of minimalism in my personal style.

I feel most comfortable in clean lines and solid colors with only one or maybe two bold accessories. It seems a lot of you also gravitate to minimalist looks. My Polyvore sets have been viewed more than four and a half million times!

I created this necklace as a special order this week and posted it on Facebook. The responses I received included offers to create for stores, and hundreds of people asking how much. This is a very simple style of pendant necklace on only one strand with two simple stations of beads and caps as part of the strand. It is timeless and regal looking. I can imagine the President of a company wearing this with an elegant black suit as easily as a young woman would wear it with jeans and a tee and high heels. 

The point of this post is to encourage you to wear (and create if you are one of my clients) accessories that celebrate individuality and personality. One or two bold pieces are all you need. Matching necklaces, bracelets and earrings are sure to make you look overdone and dated.

A bold elegant necklace can be something as simple as this large pendant piece with a simple bail and a bold silver chain. I've seen it offered as such a necklace for as much as $60.

Some may say that minimalism is bad for the economy but during the nineties I sold enough of my own jewelry designs to quit my retail manager job and almost double my salary the next year.

Opportunity is always there. Be flexible. Open your mind and your eyes to what is appealing at the time. Respect that trend and then do what suits you and your own style. 

Thank you for reading my blog and for joining me on this journey through midlife and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. My wardrobe is completely solids. When I wear a statement necklace or scarf, it gets noticed on the solid palette. I also have very few clothes and they are all things that can be mixed and matched, creating more outfits than seems possible given the limited wardrobe.

Donna said...

Thank goodness the 80's are not being resuscitated! Big hair, massive shoulder pads, slinky fabrics in bold colors and sequins and bling galore. This simpler, cleaner way of dressing reminds me of some of Tish Jett's French friends in her book 'Foever Chic'. Can't go wrong with classic and chic! Love the are so talented and creative.

Brenda said...

I love the vest you are wearing. Can you tell me where you got it?

Nancy said...

I'd like to let you know how much I love your Polyvore sets. I'm constantly inspired by the colors you combine and the shoes and accessories you suggest. I look at your site for inspiration, but I also find it very relaxing to scroll through the outfits. My husband laughs and calls it my "mix and match" website. We were recently on a trip and I combined some colors that I probably wouldn't have before and I my husband said "I love it when you match!" It's not as though I've been wearing plaids and polka dots together all these years, but I'm sure his comment was a result of my increased confidence in dressing more creatively and pulling together some more interesting outfits than I used to. I think I've internalized your examples!

Susan said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments here! It makes me very happy that you enjoy what I share.
The mink vest was a Christmas gift from Mr. Mickey several years ago. Hugs!

meriusa said...

A very interesting post, especially for women at midlife .It is not easy to find the golden medium between "overdone and dated". You are helping us enormously on that path.
I love your picture in front of the red car. Your outfit is perfect .

Anonymous said...

Love you here and on polyvore. If you ever decide to sell that necklace, please put me on the list to buy it. It's gorgeous!

Unknown said...

You look so chic.