Friday, August 16, 2013

Everyday Elegance

As our weather becomes cooler each morning, I find myself often reaching for a sweater and jeans on casual days.

This timeless combination can easily become frumpy if we aren't careful. I try to remember these tips whenever I wear or buy a sweater.

Color: The color should be flattering to your face and it should look nice with jeans or khaki pants.

Fabrication: The knit should be so fine that you can ball it up in your hands. No big cable knits or ski sweaters unless you want to add bulk to your upper half. (Not I!) Many acrylics and other man-made fabrics pill and add too much bulk. Look for cotton, cashmere or other fine gauge knits.

Buttons: I like a cardigan style sweater that has a V-neck. I only button a couple of buttons at the center if at all. I also look for a style that falls straight rather than gathered or banded at the bottom and I normally push the sleeves up. 

Crews and Vs: A pullover type sweater can also be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them with a scarf, a vest or a jacket. I look for a neckline that falls below my collarbone in a fine gauge knit that does not add bulk, fits loosely and ends at the top of my hip rather than below my bottom. If a longer sweater is worn with loose fitting jeans the look is too bulky (think frumpy). 

Layering: In warmer weather I wear sweaters with a tank top and an interesting necklace or light weight scarf. In cooler weather I layer them with a thin long sleeve tee and a long scarf for contrast and added warmth.

Storage: Fine knit sweaters can easily be stretched out of shape if you hang them on a hanger. It might be a good idea to invest in one of the storage solutions shown above which can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. These units can be added to the bar in a closet where there is room for them. A top shelf in your closet or a bookshelf nearby might be another solution for storage. You can of course store sweaters in a deep drawer in your dresser.

Add sunglasses, a nice bag and comfortable walking shoes along with a favorite pair of jeans and I am ready to spend a Saturday looking through antique stores, having brunch at a sidewalk café, browsing through an old bookstore or a stroll through the park checking out an art show. 

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I hope you have a great day.

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Unknown said...

these are all great options

Donna said...

Excellent tips on buying sweaters! I am clearing out some things and will put your advice to use.

meriusa said...

Thank you for the good tips on : 1 )how to wear sweaters and
2) how to spent the Saturday

I vote for having coffee with friends at a sidewalk café.