Live Well

Many of you have asked me about my exercise routine and what I eat on a normal day. My diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and seeds. I always try to buy organic seasonal produce and consume it in it's most natural state. I rarely have any dairy, fish or chicken. I never eat pork or beef.

This was me on the left before I took control of my life and my closet. On the right is a more recent picture of me after simplifying my closet and my life. I let go of the grief and hurt of my past and started living in the present.

This is me at age 53 and at age 58.

I drink a lot of filtered water with fresh lemon or lime every day, white tea (no sweeteners) and an occasional glass of wine with dinner. 

I go for a brisk three-mile walk in my neighborhood when the weather allows. I always move as much as possible during the day. For two examples, I park far away from the store I am going to and I go to the bathroom upstairs instead of the one right outside my office door.

Below is a list of links to the recipes for what I eat almost every day at each meal. These are all posts I have shared with you here on the blog and also on Facebook. 


Lunch and or Dinner
Jazz Up Your Salads

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