Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wear It Wednesday... Tools

There are a few tools of the trade that keep me and my clothes looking their best. 
Today on Wear it Wednesday I'll share a few.

Don't you hate it when your iron is too hot and you cause a shine on the seam of your new black pants? That's why I use a steamer so often. If you have ever worked in a boutique or almost any retail store you may remember steaming the clothes before you put them out on the floor. I have had a steamer in my home for many years. It saves on taking items to the dry cleaner when all they really need is to be steamed. I use it on all new clothes to freshen them up and for things like a new shower curtain, rugs that have gotten crimped while in storage, and new dust ruffles. You can buy this steamer at Macy's.

I use neutral shoe polish to protect and clean wallets, handbags and belts as well as shoes. If you have one of those studded leather cuffs that are so popular right now, you should polish it before you even wear it. Get leather pants and jackets professionally cleaned at least once per year.

If you have curly hair use the diffuser tool with your hairdryer. Get out of the shower and scrunch your hair in a dry towel to get out excess water. Don't brush or comb it out. Use your fingers and the diffuser to style and dry your hair. Scrunch it in your hands as it gently dries. This will keep the max amount of curls.

Here's a quick video to show you how.

Do you have a favorite tip or tool to share? Just add it in the comments below. You are welcome to participate in the conversation!

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