Saturday, July 14, 2012

Star Style

Meryl Streep has always had great style and grace. Her feminine yet powerful attire is always appropriate for her and seems so effortless. She is my inspiration for today's post.


Tone on Tone Dressing


Wearing the same color in different tones from head to toe is lengthening and slimming as well as projecting elegance and great style. Always wear a tunic over leggings. The hemline should reach mid-thigh (well below your bottom). A bit of heel is better than a totally flat shoe. Wedges rather than thin heels are easier to walk in and also more attractive with leggings. Open your collar and add a silk scarf or an interesting necklace inside the neckline. Turn up your sleeves to just below your elbows to look taller and thinner as well as being cooler. Fabrics that flow and move easily across your body are more comfortable and attractive. Tight clingy fabrics will never make you feel confident.



A handbag or a clutch are usually more attractive since they do not alter the line of your clothes as a shoulder bag does. The proportion of a bag should complement your size. A large woman carrying a tiny handbag looks a little silly don't you think?


Button earrings with a dangle or a drop are infinitely more attractive on almost all women. If you are wearing a bold statement necklace the earrings should not compete with it. Either don't wear earrings with it or wear only small studs or hoop earrings.



Sunglasses should fit your face shape and size. For example square sunglasses frames will look better on you if you have a round face. The color of the frame and the tint of the lens should complement the color of your hair and your skin tone.

Thank you for reading. I hope my tips are helpful to you.