Friday, August 19, 2016

Khaki and White

When the day calls for dressing in a casual summer look, I am at a bit of a loss. Dressing for dinner or a special event is much easier for me.

Without a jacket, I feel underdressed, but when the temperatures exceed ninety degrees, I am forced to look for a suitable alternative.

Considering the casual nature of this look, I am wearing minimal makeup and a simple watch with one small ring. Too many accessories and bold makeup would seem out of place.

I have always loved the classic summer color combination of white with khaki, but khaki pants have always been a challenge for me to get right. The secret to my success with these is not too tight with a straight leg and not too close to the color of my skin.

The whisper lightweight white tunic is old from J.Jill. The lightweight khaki pull-on wide waistband pants are so comfortable on hot days. They are by Lior Paris from

The sandals are old by Born Shoes. I appreciate that they are the same color as my pants to help my legs look longer.


You will rarely see me carry a crossbody bag. The reason is that when worn, as shown above, a lot of unwanted attention is directed right to the girls. That strap pulled between your breasts by the weight of a bag hanging at your side or slightly behind you is like a beacon saying "Look how big my chest is!".

I bought this little crossbody bag to wear on very casual days when I just need keys, cards, and a lip balm and I want to keep my hands free. I am always careful to make sure it rests on the front of my hip so that the strap is not pulled tight. This bag is from White House|Black Market.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are truly the best!

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Unknown said...

You look perfect!

Jen said...

Thanks for the tip Susan! I never wear a crossbody bag for the same reason as you. Never thought of wearing it a different way! Makes all the difference in the look.
Have a great weekend

Unknown said...

Thank you for showing a more casual look. This looks like something I would wear. We live in Southern Arizona in the mountains, so even though we don't get the 100 plus days Phoenix and Tucson get we do get up to the 90's. Unlike you, we seldom go out in the evening, however we do eat lunch out often. This outfit would be perfect for a casual lunch and errands. You look great, thanks for sharing.

RK said...

I'm wondering which Lior Paris pants these are--Janet? And the color? It looks more gray than the ones I see on the site, but colors on a monitor can be deceiving. This is a lovely, summer pairing. Thank you so much.

Susan said...

RK, I think this is the pants I am wearing. I have had them since spring, so I have worn them so much the label isn't legible.

Prairie Poulet said...

Cross-body bags are equally challenging for we triangles/pears. They can make hips look much wider, which is not a good thing. Adjusting the strap placement doesn't help for us.

Meg said...

Love this casual outfit! Especially the pants ..... are they comfortable during your hot and humid weather? I live in the South and wonder if these would be comfortable in our weather here. So often linen and cotton are the only fabrics that I can comfortably wear. These pants look so polished with the white top!

Susan said...

The pants are very comfortable. I forget I have them on, but it isn't as hot and humid where I live in the hills of East Tennessee as it is in other areas of the deeper south.