Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Chico's Styling Event

Chico's was celebrating the coming of spring this week!

Our local boutique had a special event in the store on Saturday which included informal modeling and personal style tips shared by me with anyone who was interested.

Every party needs balloons, flowers, and snacks!

Here are two Susans with a lot in common. We are almost the same age, we both own businesses and we have modeled together several times. My friend Susan asked me for some tips today so we talked about proportion. 

This is ours after the photo. Note how opening up her neckline, pushing up her sleeves, and eliminating the break at the waistline helps her to look taller and thinner.

She also looked great in these muted colors in an asymmetric hem top. Wearing hemlines that do not cut your body in half can really help to visually elongate.

Mr. Mickey bought the Dream Lace-Back Kimono Duster Jacket for me since today is our nine-year anniversary of dating. More about that in the next post!

Here is another great looking long cocoon sweater.

Some of the models for the day are pictured below. Our ages are 58, 65, and 59.
You can be a diva at any age!

Here is proof that you can wear a long top even if you are only five feet tall.

Stop by your local Chico's store to try on some of the beautiful new spring fashions!

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