Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Casual

Summer casual looks can be comfortable and still look nice.

What do you wear when you are running a quick errand in the heat but you still want to look your best? Perhaps you will be spending the day outside in summer walking and standing for much of the day.

I have always used myself as an example to help you find fashion solutions, so this post is no exception. Getting dressed for a casual summer day has been a bit stressful for my entire adult life. Removing my jacket makes me feel very uncomfortable. My arms are OK so it isn't going sleeveless that bothers me. I have always been busty with no defined waistline so a jacket of some sort is my secret to looking better and feeling more confident. 

White pants are a summer staple for me. I will be wearing light khaki or white on any day that it isn't raining. The reason is that I am much smaller on the bottom half and I like wearing color near my face. My face is also quite round so I like to wear a V-neck top whenever possible. Loose fitting tops with detail above the bust or a wrap style that conceals the waistline work well for me. I have also started to experiment with brightly colored prints worn with white pants. I have to be careful where those blocks of color are located on my body. I do not want to draw attention to my bust or my tummy.

When I leave my home I wear three pieces of jewelry even when I am dressed very casually. A small pair of earrings, a watch and one ring are details that make me feel well dressed. I have cool coloring so those pieces of jewelry are normally silver-toned. Sunglasses are with me wherever I go.

There is a nice summer bag in a chair in my breakfast nook. It is neutral and full of all the things I need so that it is ready to serve me at a moment's notice for everyday. When I take a smaller bag for the day I can take what I need from the larger bag as I am leaving. I like sandals with a bit of wedge heel so I look for a comfortable style in a neutral color that I can slip on and go but still look nice. I would only wear flip flops by the pool. 

When you know what works well for your body type and personality it's so much easier to get dressed for any type of day. I hope that these tips will help you feel more confident to go out and enjoy your day no matter how hot the weather. 

Thank you for reading!

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Unknown said...

Great outfit. I love white pants.

meriusa said...

thank you for your tips !They are very very useful !

Donna said...

Great summer dressing tips! You look so cool in blue and white.