Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chilly Date Night

Spring continues to tease us. The temperatures dipped into the forties last evening and the wind was fierce which means I looked for something warm for Friday date night with friends.

Because of the high winds we moved the photo session inside to my foyer on this evening.

All the elements are repeats but I'll recap them for you. The wool double breasted jacket with three quarter sleeves is from Talbots last fall. The three quarter sleeve jacket is a great choice for cooler spring weather. This time I paired it with black wider leg pants and Ros Hommerson low heeled pumps. I was sad to get an email from Ros Hommerson announcing that they are going out of business. All of their inventory is half price now. 

When I wear wider leg pants I always wear them with a lower heeled shoe for safety reasons as well as the fact that it seems to be a much better balance.

Under the jacket is a black tank top from Stein Mart and I carried a black leather clutch with gold trim. My earrings are gold and black and the bangle is the same red as the jacket with gold trim. I rarely wear gold jewelry because of my skin tone and gray hair. 

The odd little "room" to the right of this image is the entryway to the downstairs.

I hope this repairing of items you may have seen many times before, helps you to look at the pieces in your own closet with new possibilities in mind.

Thank you for reading!


Linda said...

The red is so becoming on you Susan! I shy away from red, perhaps because before I went gray, I was a natural redhead. What are your thoughts on whether everyone can wear red? I once heard that coca-cola red is a shade of red that everyone can wear.

deedee mac said...

Love this combo.

Honestly, this combo is what I have planned for church tomorrow. As I have mentioned before,I am Chico's addicted -- my red jacket is from Chico's (black label); my pants/tank are, also(Travelers) . Makes me feel I am in the fashionista ballpark when I see I had chosen something you would have put together. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Gray hair, schmay hair! You always look beautiful,and an inspiration. Love funny little rooms.


Myrina said...

Your red jacket combined with the red bangle is a delight They may be repeats but I think you have a new haircut,which makes everything fresh. I like your haircut .It is short but feminine.
I am of the same opinion , gray hair matches better with silver earrings ,not gold (some argue for gold )
Have a nice Sunday !

Nan said...

Capricious Spring frequently forces us to reach back into winter's wardrobe just to stay warm. You look wonderful as always. One thing I wish you would do is to also show us what coat/jacket/topper you don when the weather is particularly demanding. Coordinating that item with the rest of an outfit to keep it cohesive is something with which I always struggle.

Patti said...

Wonderful look for Friday nights, Susan. You simply glow in red! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

Donna said...

Love the red jacket on you! I like the way you balance out the width of the pant legs with a lower heel shoe.

bluehuewonderland said...

Lovely look Susan. Stein Mart sounds like a great place to shop. Your home looks beautiful just as you do. I started following Dr. Joel Fuhrman's plan last year. A plant based diet has made a big difference in my life too.

blue hue wonderland

gracefully50 said...

One of my fav color combo! My daughter would loved it, too...she's a UGA Bulldog.

Anonymous said...

I think the navy knit dress in your previous post is more figure-flattering than this jacket and pants outfit.