Sunday, January 27, 2013

Window Shopping

After a week of snow and ice the sun finally showed up today! Early in the morning my neighborhood was encased in ice but the sun soon melted it all.

When the weather finally allowed safe passage, 
I was eager to leave my home for the first time in a few days.

Mickey took me out to lunch and we ran a few errands. 
It was so good to see sunshine!

I'm wearing straight leg heritage fit jeans and a white tunic blouse from Talbots with Ralph Lauren booties via T.J. Maxx. The red bag is Tahari via T.J. Maxx. The tunic length sweater is from Ross. The animal print chiffon scarf is old. Layering for warmth can be tricky because it adds so much bulk to our silhouettes. To balance this effect I wore the slimmest jeans I have with boots which have a higher heel.

There will be no outdoor dining today!

Isn't it wonderful to have a best friend? That's my sweet Mickey with me in this photo.

We both have a weakness for chocolate desserts. A couple of times a month we share one after a light lunch of salad. This way we don't have to totally give up life's small pleasures.

Thank you for reading
I hope you have a safe and happy day. 


Cathy said...

What a lovely way to spend a day. I love your outfit. I wish I was as fortunate as you to find such wonderful items at TJ Maxx. But, alas, ours is not a good one so I have stopped going. Good for you! Yummy chocolate..:-)

Ruth Harris said...

Love the way you put this together—and the red bag adds just the right amount of POW!!!

Thanks for cluing us into the details!

Susan B said...

You look so sharp! Love the red bag with the neutrals.

Unknown said...

...yes nice red bag matching his shirt! Wonderful. Would you have some tips for us women in their late 50's about how to meet a nice gentleman-companion-best friend? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to enjoy some sun.
It is tricky to layer without looking too bulky. You look wonderful and you two make a very handsome couple!

Sharon Greenthal said...

You look lovely as usual. Your sweet Mickey has such a great face - what a beautiful couple you are!

Anonymous said...

Love you outfit. I have lots of button down blouses but seldom wear them for some reason. I love the scarf with the blouse and am going to try this with one of my blouses (I almost always wear a pull over type blouse). Would you share how you tied the scarf with us?

Fran said...

Love the outfit, especially the sweater! Like a person posted above, I too have a small TJ Maxx and Ross where I live and can't find such nice things. Can you post the brand names also when possible so we might try to find them for sale online?

Anonymous said...

Love this outfit on you - tunic length makes you look downright skinny :)