Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breaking Rules

You may have heard the saying, "You must know the rules in order to break them effectively." With my soft contrast cool coloring, I should not wear brown or warm animal prints... but I love both! 

Last night for date night I wore an animal print tunic from Chico's Traveler's Collection. I layered it over a sleek long sleeve tee with spandex and Lycra, also from Chico's last year. The slim black pants are from Stein-Mart last year. The high heeled booties are by Vince Camuto and they are from Nordstrom. In spite of their high heels, these booties are comfortable and easy to walk in.

The little evening purse is one of my favorites but it must be fifteen years old. The silver and clear rhinestone hoops add a touch of cool tones next to my face.

The tunic is a little too large but I would prefer anything which buttons to not fit too tightly across my bust. I often go up a size in tops for that reason. I will also be able to wear this light weight tunic over summer clothes with the sleeves turned up.

The key to this outfit is the balance. I would never wear these slim leg pants with anything but a long tunic and I would never wear this tunic with anything but slim leg pants or a pencil skirt. Never wear two pieces that visually add width together. Always balance flowing boxy pieces over slim fitting pieces or vice versa. (For an opposite example: a slim tank top over a flowing maxi skirt.)

Thanks for reading. I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!


deedeeMac said...

I have a Chico's animal print blouse(at least 18 yrs) that I wear exactly as you have yours paired here (sans the high-heeled shoes)

KelleyO said...

Just because we are over 50 is no reason not to look fabulous! You look radiant and lovely in your blouse and slim slacks. I LOVE your shoes, too.

Sharon Greenthal said...

You look fantastic and I love those booties! Going to look for them right now.

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

You are a beautiful woman and look fabulous in this outfit. I look forward to seeing more of your blog.
I adore Chico's and many of my clothing items are from there.

Erika said...

Being blonde with blue eyes.. maybe I shouldn't wear it BUT I love this outfit, I love black and I love this type of animal print. You will find all this outfit's ingredients in my cupboard and I wear it regularly. I love your proportions of the outfit as well - volume over skinnies.

Sandra said...

Susan, did you have a color analysis done? Leopard was my signature print before my color analysis.

Susan said...

Yes Sandra I have studied Color 1... Color Me Beautiful... and some others. I always seem to fit into the soft contrast, muted cool color group.