Saturday, July 28, 2012

Enjoy the Journey!

My page 'Fifty, not Frumpy' on Facebook has been a huge hit, with as many as 8,500 views per week. My sets on Polyvore geared to women of a certain age had more than 40,000 views in the first six months of being a member. The feedback and interest shown have inspired me to create a web site and devote my blog to the very popular conversations and pictures we share for those of us who are having fun with fashion later in life. Let's celebrate who we are now and make the most of our assets and have fun with fashion.

The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is women over fifty-five, but style and fashion tips geared toward us are still very few. My goal is to share a variety of outfits with links to similar items if you wish to buy them. I'll provide tips and tricks I've learned to use in making today's looks work for me as a more mature woman.

My outfit for the Tour of Homes in Blowing Rock, North Carolina had to be cool and comfortable for the heat of the late July day but also allow me to keep warm when the cool evening air settled onto the mountains. My option included a very soft knit black maxi dress with wider straps which allowed me to wear a black bra for proper support. I wore a soft knit raspberry colored cardigan with bronze bead trim as a coverup. When I bought it and the clutch bag I'm wearing as a cross-body bag, I thought I would be using them for evening wear, however, they seemed perfect for this daytime dress.

I kept all my accessories simple since I was wearing a hat and sunglasses otherwise my look would have been too cluttered.

The sandals are comfortable and low with embellishments that complement the details on the hat and the bag.

Later in the day when the heat was high and everyone was sporting their wet hair and looking wilted in their damp clothes I still felt comfortable and confident. I was flattered that so many people gave me compliments. One guy even whistled at me! That hasn't happened in many years.

This is my sweet wonderful gentleman friend and partner in adventure, Mickey.

Thank you for reading! I hope the tips and ideas I share with you give you inspiration for making fashion fun again.


Laura said...

You look wonderful!

Susan Street said...

Thank you Laura!