About Us

I am Susan Street, the editor of Fifty, not Frumpy. I am shown here with Mr. Mickey.

Mr. Mickey is my adventure partner in life. We have been dating for more than nine years. He is my photographer and my inspiration for living a full and elegant life.

I love fashion but at fifty-eight years old I must use a different set of guidelines for putting together outfits than the gals featured in Vogue and on runways. Living in a small southern city and working within my clothing budget, I've learned to adapt current fashion to fit my lifestyle and social circle. 

Fashion is unspoken communication. I want my style to say I'm a professional woman with an awareness of fashion trends while remaining appropriate, approachable and interesting. My career in the fashion industry began in 1976 as the Visual Merchandise Manager for three Belk Department Stores. I also held the position of Corporate Director of eight Cosmetic Departments for Rices Nachman's Department Stores as well as the District Manager of a chain of boutiques.

My first venture as a business owner was a consulting firm named 'Career Image', which also included speaking at seminars throughout the southeast United States to present the concept of using your best colors and clothing shapes to build a wardrobe that will work for you in any situation. I conducted personal consultations at the client's closet and then accompanied them on well-planned shopping trips afterward. 

My current position with my company evolved after being a professional boutique jewelry designer for more than ten years. As the President of Vintage Jewelry Supplies Company, I must know current trends in fashion and buy what is needed to fit those trends months in advance. As the editor of the blog Fifty, not Frumpy, I share tips, trends and wardrobe ideas for women of all ages but especially those who might have become fashion challenged over the years. 

I'm happy to share the pictures of outfit ideas and tips that might be helpful to you here on this blog and on Facebook and Polyvore.
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