About Fifty, not Frumpy

Fifty, not Frumpy started on Facebook  on July 16, 2011 as a fun way to share my passion for fashion and my attempts to create outfits which are appropriate for those of us who have already celebrated our fiftieth birthday.

We may run and work out or diet endlessly but the fact is our mid-life body is shaped differently now. Our more rounded curves and softer coloring requires that we put a little more thought into our wardrobe choices. We can still dress like our daughters but we need to make some adjustments to our choices for them to still flatter us and be appropriate.

Here I'm wearing platform sandals by Vince Camuto with a mid-calf length loose fitting tank dress and a statement necklace that reminds me of nature in it's design and texture. If I had a daughter she would likely wear a tighter shorter tank dress with these shoes and a cropped jean jacket instead of the Geiger boiled wool number that I've chosen.

This is an example of the outfits and tips I will share with you here on my blog. I'm glad you have joined me for this fun journey through this second half of our lives. 


Anonymous said...

Love your style!! I'm forty-six, and LOVE the inspiration you are giving me!!

Leyla said...

I have not long discovered your wonderful site and I'm so glad I did. The outfits you wear are just what I would choose for myself and I'm enjoying seeing how you wear different pieces in different ways. I particularly like that your style is flattering for ladies of a certain age and you are proof that we can still look super attractive and subtly sexy but in a very tasteful way. I'm 50 already and am still coming to terms with the changing shape of my body - ugh but I'm determined not to give up on myself and I simply refuse to be frumpy! Thank you so much for your blog, you are such an inspiration for ladies like me! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm Ann from Canada and I just recently discovered your blog. I am 55 and although I was slim for most of my life, I now have a more curvy body and it's been difficult to dress for that. I take your advice very seriously and love that I now have a chance to reinvent myself and my look. I greatly admire your elegant style and aspire to copy you! Thank you very much for your inspiring lessons.

Puneet said...

Oh dear, oh dear My Dear you're beautiful!! !