Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wear It Wednesday - Trends

The half tuck or the messy tuck has been around for about three years.

By tucking in the the front of my shirt, I can show off the belt detail. If I tucked in the whole shirt, I would look like a thick waisted older women who hadn't seen a fashion magazine in ten years or longer.

This is a very soft flowing tie front shirt from Chico's which means there is already less material in the front so it looks neater. A shirt that is full length in the front sometimes feels too bulky above the belt but this one works nicely. The ankle zip jeans are also from Chico's.

Interesting belts are great but I only wear them low slung over a long tunic, with a jacket or with a half tucked shirt because I do not want to draw attention to my thick waistline.

I will not be embracing all the trends (such as wearing high heels with sweat pants) but when a trend comes along that serves me well I will make it part of my look.

Many of you have asked me what I wear on days off or on a day when Mr. Mickey and I are not attending some function. This is a typical day off look for me.

After I walk three miles in the morning I come home, eat breakfast, shower and get dressed for the day.

I work mostly from the office in my home so there are days when I really don't need to go out for anything. I get dressed and put on makeup even when I stay home alone. If I were married and my husband would be home later, you can bet I would be doing this everyday. We owe it to ourselves and to the loves of our lives to look pretty everyday. 

Looking my best helps me feel more confident and be more productive. You can hear it in my voice if you call me while I am still in my PJs. I cannot fathom being in my pajamas at noon but I see women going out to get the mail (at the Post Office!) or to pick up the trash bin late in the afternoon still in their bathrobes.

If you are guilty of wearing those paint stained old yoga pants around the house all the time because they are so comfortable, throw them away today. Wear a clean pair of jeans and a nice shirt or something else from your closet that you are saving for good. Everyday of your life is a good and special day. You are important and you deserve to look pretty everyday. 

With the launch of this post I will reach one million views on the blog today. I am honored to have been welcomed into your world so many times. I hope that my words and outfit ideas have served as a positive example for you. That is always my goal.

With love,