Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Sky Bar

Thank goodness for the weekend and a break from all the to do lists!

Mr. Mickey and I enjoy Asheville, North Carolina for the wide variety of events that are always happening, international dining adventures, shopping, art galleries and the general festive atmosphere which seems to prevail on summer weekends.

Up there where the red umbrellas are is the Sky Bar. We will visit there later to watch the sun slip behind the distant mountain ranges.

In midsummer the flowers in planters throughout the city are simply breathtaking!

This street performer absolutely defies gravity.

 These fellows found a shady entry from which to serenade the passing tourists. As we walked past, they sang "I like your shoes." We will never know if they meant mine or Mr. Mickey's.

Wall Street has many unique shops and restaurants. It remains one of our favorites. 

From a a crochet covered tricycle to the famous Spoon Lady, you never know what you might find around the next corner.

We were instantly captivated by the haunting sound of this performer's electronic "violin". We listened for a long while and even bought a CD from him. His twin brother performs on the same type of instrument in Greenville, South Carolina. The handsome brothers are Stephen Neil and Jeff Neil. 

I have been meaning to visit the Southern Highlands Craft Gallery in the old Biltmore Oteen Bank building for months. It was great to see all the works of art there. The building has been beautifully restored.

New to the Biltmore Village is the Well Bred Bakery of Weaverville. We stopped there to look for a loaf of bread for Mr. Mickey.

The weather was very warm but it was a beautiful day to be in the city.

Mr. Mickey is a happy man!

As the sun starts to slide down toward the horizon, we make our way to the Sky Bar.

We shared a table with the most delightful beautiful young couple ever! This is Drew and Blaine. We fell in love with them. It was instant best friends! I felt so sad when it was time for us to leave for our drive home.

Watching the sun slip behind the mountains marked the end of a perfect day.

My top is from Chico's. The white jeans are from Kut from the Kloth at Dillard's. The shoes are from T.J.Maxx. The bracelet is old from a gallery in Highlands, North Carolina.

Thank you for joining us on this splendid journey through midlife and beyond. The second fifty years are the best!

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