Friday, October 24, 2014

Starting Over

Someone asked me a great question this week. "If you were buying a whole new wardrobe, what would you start with?" 

The points you need to consider when starting a capsule wardrobe include lifestyle, personal style and colors that work for you. If you never attend a dressy event or if you work exclusively from home you might not need many dressy pieces in your wardrobe capsule.

The black white and red combination works well for me but black is too harsh for many people. Brown, cream and rust or perhaps navy, ivory and plum might be better groups of colors for you.

A nice pair of slacks in a dark color would be one of the first things to buy. Next would be a good qualtiy fitted jacket that you can wear with everything (remember not too boxy). A great jacket can make even a nice pair of jeans look appropriate for many events. Jeans are considered a neutral but not too faded out works best for most of us.

Scoop neck long sleeve tees and tanks in your color grouping allow you to change the look of your first pieces. I chose scoop neck over V neck or turtleneck because they are more flattering to most face shapes. If you wear a jacket with a V neck top it sometimes gives you two of the same V shapes. Contrasting shapes are more pleasing to the eye. If you add a necklace remember this tip. Three necklines of the same shape can look cluttered.

If you have been following me for a while you know that I did indeed have to buy a whole new wardrobe in 2011. Not even my shoes fit after I lost 45 pounds! I wish I had known to use this formula then. It would have saved me a lot of buying mistakes.

A straight black pencil skirt to wear with opaque tights and boots might also be a good look for you. The long cardigan would look great with jeans too. The purpose of chosing a capsule of three colors and basic pieces is that almost all the pieces can be mixed and matched with each other to create a lot of different looks without having to spend a lot of money.

You can find the source for all the items shown above at the Polyvore link below.

I have learned so much over the past few years while publishing this blog. Thank you for allowing me to share this journey with you.

The second fifty years are truly the best!

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