Monday, February 8, 2016

Learn How to Use Accessories With Confidence!

My blogger friend Sylvia is such a great teacher! 

She owns the website 40 + Style and now she has created a new course to teach you how to use accessories to your advantage. Many of you have asked me about this in the past. I am happy to report that she has done the work for me!

You can sign up for the course at this link. Save money by being one of the first to sign up at this low price. Don't wait! This price is good only for two days!

I have taken all of her courses and webinars and I highly recommend her new course. I always learn so much from her.

Join me! I'll be taking this course also.
This is the link to sign up for the new course.

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Gail said...

Love you blog Susan and hope you share what you learn in the course--it certainly sounds like a fun course to take but it's still rather pricey for some of us.

Unknown said...

Susan love you blog too...I too think this is a tad pricey when for most of us we can either google pinterest, or follow other fashion blogs for no cost. I know this would be informative but for now will keep refining on my own. Thank you for sharing.

Susan said...

A lot of people have asked for this information. Sylvia has put a lot of work and research into it. I am sure it will be well worth the investment.